Cosmelan Peels Pros and Cons, and How Does it Work in Dubai Cost

Skin pigment melanin makes the skin and hair seem darker, which causes melasma and other skin discolorations. Melanin levels can increase as a result of hormone changes, aging, acne, and sun exposure. By inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme, the Cosmelan Peel lowers the synthesis of natural melanin, resulting in a more uniform skin tone. For a sustained effect, it gets rid of dark spots and stops them from coming back while managing hyperpigmentation. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the whole formulation of this cosmetic promotes skin renewal, gets rid of blemishes, and lessens melanin-producing areas. Cosmelan Peels Pros and Cons, and How does it Work? Are discussed below in detail.

Why do you Need a Peel?

According to Harvard Health Publishing, depigmentation can be accomplished with the appropriate chemical peel. Peeling off dead skin cells is one of the most efficient procedures for treating brown spots on your face. For tough cases of pigmentation like melasma that don’t react to conventional creams and laser treatments, the Cosmelan peel is effective. With this peel, photodamage, fine lines, and wrinkles can also get better. Overall, skin texture can be improved, and open-pore count can be decreased.

Who can get the Treatment?

If you’re considering a Cosmelan peel, you need first determine if you’re a good candidate.

All skin types and problems are appropriate for a Cosmelan peel. The following characteristics make a candidate ideal:

  • Any person can experience hyperpigmentation.
  • Those who are looking for a healthy, even skin tone
  • People who realistically expect to receive treatment
  • Anyone in generally good health

How does it Work?

There are four stages to the treatment process. The first phase, an aggressive depigmentation procedure, is carried out in a clinic; however, the subsequent steps can be completed at home. In our clinic, a skilled specialist will clean your face first before delicately applying the mask. When the time comes, we’ll provide you with an aftercare package and show you how to take the peel off at home. Apply whatever lotion the physician has recommended after fully removing the mask with a mild cleaner and plenty of water. For at least two weeks, you must apply the cream a few times every day.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Treatment?

We at the Enfield Royal Clinic provide you with this cutting-edge medium-depth peel treatment that is risk-free because it is devoid of steroids and hydroquinone. The main benefits of the peel are quick results, minimal pain during treatment, and a decrease in dark patches and melasma. This procedure may be performed year-round and is successful in treating pigmentation that has persisted after the topical use of conventional skin-lightening solutions. When other conventional procedures, like superficial peels, have failed to correct pigmentation, the procedure might be used. The Enfield Royal Clinic guarantees that when you receive treatment from us, there won’t be any negative side effects.

There are a few drawbacks to the therapy as well. In the event that your skin is overly sensitive, a dermatologist could advise against it. Additionally, for the therapy to be effective, you must commit to a consistent skincare program.

The Takeaway

Now that you understand Cosmelan Peels Pros and Cons, and How does it Work in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? At Royal SkinCare Treatment Clinic, each of our specialists is qualified and has years of experience working with a range of patients. Our doctors encourage you to get counsel before undertaking any cosmetic procedures. Therefore, all you need to do to participate in a Cosmelan peeling procedure is schedule an appointment.