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A composite restoration is a contemporary technique for restoring teeth that enhances both the appearance and functionality of the oral cavity. It entails creating thin covers for the teeth inside the oral cavity. These veneers are composite. The material and construction techniques of composite veneers are different from those of traditional veneers. Applying a layer of reflecting composite material to the teeth’s surface produces composite veneers. So, learn more about Composite Veneers Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price below.

What are Composite Veneers?

The thinnest overlays constructed of attractive composite material are called composite veneers (caponiers). The technology shares certain similarities with artistic tooth repair in various ways. These plates are affixed to the teeth’s chewing surfaces in the grin region. The color, form, interdental gaps, and other aesthetic flaws of the teeth can be promptly and drastically rectified with composite veneers. The dentist only needs to make one visit to create and place composite veneers.

Who is a Suitable Candidate?

This method of cosmetic tooth repair is appropriate if the patient:

  • Gaps between teeth that are too wide (diastema);
  • A tooth that has been damaged and chipped;
  • There are enamel chips and fissures;
  • Teeth with a disproportionately small crown section;
  • Enamel flaws include spots, yellowing, and darkening;
  • Increased abrasion, a fault in the shape of a wedge, and abnormalities in the row.


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How Are Composite Veneers Installed?

Composite veneers are often installed during a single visit to an orthopedic dentist. Only the area that needs to be rebuilt in shape or color is processed while placing composite veneers on the teeth, sparing the rest of the tooth. The dentist cleans the tooth’s surface before applying layers of a restorative light-polymer substance. Under the presence of a specialized dental lamp, the substance hardens. The reconstructed tooth gets shiny once the doctor polishes the veneer’s surface.


Composite Veneers Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price can cost anything from AED 899 to AED 4,999. After the initial consultation, the doctor will decide on the final cost. Some factors which may affect the price are given below:

Location of the Clinic:

The clinic’s location is crucial in determining the cost of care since it provides information about the sort of gentry that inhabits the area; if they are very standard, then the cost of veneers will also be high there. For instance, veneers are more expensive in Dubai than in other UAE cities.

The Expertise of Dentist:

The dentist’s level of experience is another factor in the higher price. Obviously, the cost of the service will be more for the most specialized dentist. But for a flawless veneer or implant, it is preferable to visit a specialist dentist.

Clients Condition:

Some people just desire to distinguish themselves from those who have misaligned and irregularly shaped teeth by displaying a healthy grin. Therefore, the precise cost of the therapy depends on the state of their teeth.


The majority of dentists utilize local anesthetic to numb the mouth area prior to placing veneers so that their patients experience no discomfort. As a result, the expense of the treatment as a whole is increased by the anesthetic.

Composite Veneers or Ceramic: Which is Better?

Ceramic veneers are more expensive, need more visits, and you must carefully select an orthopedist, but the end result will be far better in terms of both appearance and functionality:

  • There are no discernible connections between the restoration and the native tooth’s tissues.
  • The color stays the same. Food colorings cannot be absorbed by ceramic.
  • Ceramic veneers don’t need any ongoing “upgrades.”
  • 15 to 20 years of durability with appropriate hygiene and routine inspections.

Composite veneers have a substantially shorter service life than their ceramic or zirconium equivalents as a result of the imperfections in the materials used to make them. Dentists provide a five-year guarantee that the lining will continue to look normal. The linings may degrade throughout this time and start to stick out from the dentition, in which case they must be replaced. However, new technical materials with long service lives can be developed in five years.

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