Best Composite Filling Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price

Some diseases such as unhealthy eating habits, genetic factors, and teeth grinding are effective on dental health. Teeth can be damaged for various reasons and fillings are reused to repair the damage to the teeth. It is the most commonly used treatment which is commonly used painless and is performed using various materials, and the filling material is also prepared with different materials. Composite Filling Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is quite affordable when you compare it to the results of the treatment which essentially preserves the natural appearance and color of teeth.

What is Composite Filling?

Teeth can get damaged over time due to various reasons. A bruise, crack or fracture occurs which can be filled in to repair the damaged teeth for such reasons. Composite filling stands out as the most used type of filling. It is in paste form before it is applied to the tooth and when applied it is hardened with the help of special lights. It is tooth-colored and looks aesthetically beautiful and preserves the integrity of the tooth.


Best Clinic of Composite Filling Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Clinic of Composite Filling Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Composite Filling Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Composite Filling Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Composite Filling Cost Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Composite Filling Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

What are the Advantages?

It provides effective results in eliminating many different problems such as fractures, cracks, caries, or similar problems in teeth, also brings with it various advantages:

  • The most important advantage is the elimination of aesthetic concerns
  • The processing time is short and can be easily applied to more than one tooth even in just a single day
  • These can be used on both posterior and anterior teeth
  • Due to its chemical structure, it seamlessly merges with the applied tooth
  • They bond very well to the applied tooth and also support the dental tissues
  • Another advantage is that the procedure is entirely painless, and the tooth does not even need to be anesthetized.

Cost of Composite Filling Dubai:

The Composite Filling Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can range from AED 350 to AED 800. The cost varies depending on how many surfaces need to be covered and the qualifications and experience of the dentist.

Factors Affecting the Cost:

The following factors impact the cost of each treatment:

  • The number of teeth you need to repair with fillings determines how much the treatment will cost
  • The expertise and experience of the dentist treating you also impacts the cost as the more experience a doctor has the more, he will charge for his services
  • The clinic location and level of the clinic also impact how much the treatment costs
  • The price of a composite filling tooth varies depending on the resin ratio to be used and the lack of tooth form.

How Long Does it Last?

As in other dental applications, the life of the filling made in the composite filling method varies depending on various factors. For this reason, the main factors affecting the filling material are how much filling is made and oral health habits.

Generally speaking, it can be used for at least 3 years and at most 10 years without any filling material being charged or touched. The biggest factor affecting the lifespan of these fillings is oral and dental care. In other words, proper protection of the filling material and attention to oral hygiene have an important place in prolonging the life of the filling.  


It is among the easiest and cheapest cosmetic procedures. The resin used in the Composite filling can be shaped and polished to fit the teeth it surrounds. Composite Filling Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are used to correct the appearance of discolored or broken works, to close the spaces between the teeth, to make the teeth appear longer, or to change the shape or color of the teeth, sometimes to protect the root exposed as a result of the gingival recession or as an alternative to amalgam fillings.