Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

In Dubai as in other parts of the world, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a common concern for men. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the various aspects of ED in Dubai, from its prevalence to causes, available treatments, and lifestyle considerations. Read on to learn more about Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi here. Like many other places, Dubai experiences erectile dysfunction (ED) for several reasons. To effectively treat and manage this condition, it is imperative to comprehend the common causes. The following are some common causes of ED in Dubai:

Lifestyle Decisions:

It is crucial to keep in mind that each person’s experience with erectile dysfunction is distinct, and determining the most effective course of treatment may require some trial and error.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

Obesity is the mother of all diseases. If you have an unhealthy lifestyle like you have no physical activity then this can contribute to ED. these are major underlying conditions that contribute to this condition.  

Unhealthy Diet:

Cardiovascular health is a major condition that can contribute to this condition. Various conditions cause this problem like high intake of processed foods. These are some of the major and key causes of ED. 

Psychological Elements:

Stress and Anxiety:

Sexual performance can be affected by various factors. The vibrant city of Dubai has a fast-paced lifestyle and frequent work-related stress. These issues are major contributors to ED. 

Performance Anxiety:

ED may worsen when social and cultural pressures exacerbate anxiety about one’s sexual performance.

Underlying Medical Conditions:


Due to the growing incidence of diabetes in Dubai, there is a higher chance of nerve and vascular damage from ED.

Cardiovascular Problems:

Disorders like atherosclerosis and hypertension can alter blood flow, affecting Erectile Dysfunction in Dubai.

Unbalanced Hormones:

Low Testosterone:

Imbalances in hormones, such as low testosterone, can exacerbate problems related to sexual health.

Substance Abuse and Smoking

Smoking and drug abuse can cause damage to blood vessels, which can impact blood flow to the genital area.

Side Effects of Medication:

Some Drugs:

Certain drugs that are prescribed to treat long-term illnesses may cause adverse effects that exacerbate ED.

Age-Related Elements:

Natural Aging Process: 

Sexual function may gradually deteriorate as we age, but this effect can be lessened by taking care of other issues.

Relationship Problems:

Communication Issues: 

Stress levels can be raised, and sexual performance can be impacted by communication issues with a partner.

Relationship Strain: 

Emotional or physical relationship problems may contribute to eating disorders (ED).

Sleep Disorders:

Sleep Apnea:

Disorders that affect sleep quality, like sleep apnea, can worsen ED.

Social and Cultural Factors:

Stigma and Cultural Norms: 

A person’s mental health may be impacted by societal expectations and cultural norms surrounding masculinity and sexual health.


Your physician will ensure that you are receiving the appropriate care. He will ensure that the treatment you are receiving is actually treating the condition and not making it worse. Depending on your circumstances, there are various treatment options available to you.

Medicines that You Can Take Orally:

This is the most secure and successful method of treating ED. The natural chemical your body produces, nitric oxide, which relaxes the muscles in your penis, is enhanced by these medications. This makes it possible for you to respond to sexual stimulation with an erection by increasing blood flow.

Other Medications:

  • Testosterone therapy
  • penile injections.
  • Intraurethral drugs
  • Vacuum Erection devices
  • Penile implants
  • Surgical option

Psychological Treatments: 

Stress, anxiety, or depression can occasionally be the root cause of erectile dysfunction. Additionally, ED can lead to stress and strained relationships. Seeing a psychologist or counselor could be a wise course of action if you are affected by any of these issues. Contact us if you feel like this. 

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In Dubai, treating erectile dysfunction calls for a multifaceted strategy that takes lifestyle, psychological, and physical aspects into account. Getting help from a professional and embracing a healthy lifestyle are essential steps in managing and recovering from ED. Contact Enfield Royal Intimate Surgery Clinic Dubai for more details. You can call us on the number provided or fill out the form gien below.