CO2 Laser For Hypertrophic Scars in Dubai Price & Cost

Protruding scars can dim the essence of your personality but luckily Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment In Dubai helps get rid of these nuances forever. They may be formed due to an incorrectly healed injury or sometimes medical and cosmetic procedures. The procedure is a traditional life-changing therapy that is quite effective in dermal resurfacing. The efficacy is due to enhanced innovative research and technology in the field. Opting for this can be a good choice for scar resurfacing and remodeling. Let’s understand CO2 Laser For Hypertrophic Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi by reading this thorough guide.

What Are Hypertrophic Scars? 

These are raised fragments of skin but unlike others stay within the boundary of the original injury. They don’t do any harm but constant itching and pain can be triggering. These range from small bumps to large jagged marks. The proper treatment can reduce or remodel it to an extent. However, individual results vary and you should be aware of realistic expectations when you choose the therapy.

What Effective Treatment Do We Use? 

Carbon Dioxide Laser is a flexible technique that is used in many fields due to its high success rate. As the name suggests, it emits gasses in the form of a light beam that dissolves the tissues with precision. Several sessions are needed to reach the desired outcome but the investment is worth your satisfaction. Apart from scar removal, it can also remove benign or cancerous tumors and can be used for several other techniques.

Aim Of Treatment:

Mostly the goal is to promote an aesthetic look by reducing the width and thickness of the scarring. However, sometimes these can restrict movement and functionality. Often they may expand further and cause tension in the area. Therefore, we approach this method to smooth out the surface by restoring blemish-free skin. 

What To Expect During The Process?

When going through the procedure, various steps are performed. Some common steps performed during the process  are discussed below:

  • To see if this is suitable for you, the dermatologist will examine your condition. He/she will also advise you about pre-operative measures and inspect your medical history.
  • On the day of the session, the skin is cleansed and local anesthesia is applied to the face to numb the recipient site. 
  • The device generating heat energy is cautiously slid across the scarred skin with a handheld machine. It produces light beams that shrink the overgrown bumps on the skin.
  • Then it is relieved by using cooling air to reduce the redness and inflammation. 
  • It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete one session. However, the clauses mostly depend on factors such as; the size and depth of the problem.

Benefits To Look For:

The benefits that come from Hypertrophic Scar Treatment In Dubai are numerous. These are mentioned below:

  • Firstly it can treat various areas of the body such as the chest, neck, or limbs. When it is combined with others it provides you with better results.
  • Moreover, it can remove symptoms of irritation, inflammation, pain, or infection by evening the skin and burning the protruding tissues for good.
  • It also increases mobility and restores function to the original state. This can improve your mental health by building enough self-worth that can induce your social interactions.
  • The process promotes faster healing by stimulating collagen on the surface. This revitalizes it and elevates self-perception as soon as you walk out of the door. 
  • It is a precise technique and targets only specific areas to minimize tissue damage to the surrounding ones. This characteristic is very popular among individuals looking to enhance their appearance.
  • Similarly, it leads you to a more aesthetically pleasing look and up-to-par beauty standards.
  • Lastly, the procedure is a non-invasive alternative that can effortlessly eliminate dermal complexity while gradually minimizing your social anxiety. As a result, you feel more confident in your skin and feel confident wearing all sorts of outfits.

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