Clitoral Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

The external genitalia in females is significant and any blemish can bring about dissatisfaction and adversely sway self-assurance. The clitoral hood frequently has different stylish issues. To work on the presence of the clitoral hood, Hoodectomy is done in Dubai. Even Clitoral Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is quite feasible with excellent effects.


The methodology is performed under broad sedation to guarantee patient wellbeing and solace. The methodology as a rule requires roughly an hour to finish. Because of the idea of the methodology, it doesn’t take excessively lengthy, in any event, when joined with a labiaplasty or vaginoplasty. The hoodectomy methodology diminishes the conspicuousness and projection of the prepuce of the clitoris, which can distend past the contiguous labium majora. 

The size of the clitoris can be changed by eliminating a strip along the two sides of the hood, shutting the mark of connection. This hides the scar well while as yet accomplishing the expected outcomes. It is a day methodology, so the patients can return home that very day and are agreeable as there is long-acting desensitizing medication put in the careful site during the strategy.


An assortment of advantages is accessible to the people who have this straightforward and safe medical procedure. This incorporates:

  • An improvement in self-perception and confidence
  • Give sexual satisfaction
  • Enhance the texture and durability
  • A change of the female genitalia by working on the clitoral hoodectomy
  • Expanded happiness regarding personal minutes with no dread or humiliation
  • So besides working on the sexual excitement, clitoral hood decrease works on the visual allure of the hood and keeps it from scouring against an outer energizer, in this way causing torment.

Cost of Clitoral Hoodectomy Dubai:

The cost of this treatment is different from clinic to clinic dependent on the factors such as the level of the clinic, the expertise of the sexologist, and the geographical location of the clinic as treatment in Dubai is more expensive than in Abu Dhabi. Type and quality of equipment being used. And finally the actual condition of the client.

About an estimate of Clitoral Hoodectomy Cost in Dubai UAE may range from AED18,000 to AED22,000 but the actual cost can only be determined by consulting with the specialist at Enfield Royal Clinic.

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