Clinical Breast Examinations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Clinical Breast Examinations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are crucial for women’s health and well-being. These comprehensive screenings and assessments are conducted by trained healthcare professionals to detect and prevent Breast Augmentation Surgery-related concerns. Regular examinations help prevent serious complications and ensure timely treatment, making them a cornerstone of proactive healthcare in Dubai.

What is a Clinical Breast Examination?

A clinical examination is a vital method for the early detection and diagnosis of cancer. It involves a physical examination of the body, examining for lumps, thickening, and skin variations. This painless, clinical examination is recommended for women of all ages, providing valuable information for healthcare providers.


Routine clinical exams are essential for early detection of cancer, enhancing survival and treatment chances. They also help identify other conditions, like cysts or fibroadenomas, that require further testing or treatment. Clinical exams can also assist in identifying any changes in that might point to hormonal imbalances or other underlying medical conditions. Women who may be worried about their health can also find comfort and peace of mind in routine exams. 

Knowing How to Interpret These Exams:

A medical professional will systematically evaluate the during a Clinical Breast Examination in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. The purpose of these screenings is to find any anomalies, growths, or alterations in the tissue. This is to evaluate any possibility that could point to possible health problems, such as cancer.

The Methodology of Clinical Breast Exams:

Physical Examination: 

To check for any changes, the medical professional examines them. In essence, he will look for any modifications to skin texture, size, or shape. Palpation is a method for feeling and underarm tissue for lumps or abnormalities.

Conversation and Evaluation:

Patients are encouraged to discuss any concerns, symptoms, or family history of breast-related disorders with their healthcare provider. This information helps determine the best course of action and assess the person’s risk factors.

Extra Tests or Referrals:

Based on the findings, the physician might recommend further testing, like mammograms or ultrasounds, or, if required, refer patients for further evaluation.

The Value of Clinical Breast Exams:

Early Detection: 

Regular exams may even help identify issues before they worsen by helping to identify abnormalities early on.

Preventive Care: 

By empowering women to take charge of their health, these exams lower the chance of more serious complications.

Risk Assessment: 

Using clinical exams, one can evaluate a person’s unique risk factors and create a screening schedule that works for them.

Breast Augmentation: 

Breast Augmentation in Dubai is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the form, size, or symmetry. It’s a typical surgical procedure that people select to improve the appearance of their bodies or attain better proportionality. In order to increase volume and create a fuller, more contoured appearance, implants are placed during augmentation. This procedure may also be helpful for women who have changed in size or shape due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. 

Enfield Royal Clinic is one of the reputable clinics in Dubai that offers breast augmentation procedures. In order to ensure a positive procedure and the intended results, we provide personalized consultations, highly skilled surgeons, and post-operative care.

Major Detection Methods:

There are two main methods of clinical examination:

  • The vertical strip method involves the healthcare provider feeling for lumps or abnormalities in the tissue by moving their fingers down in a vertical strip pattern, starting at the collarbone.
  • Using a circular motion with their fingers, the healthcare provider feels the entire and its surrounding areas to check for lumps, thickening, or texture changes.

Both methods are helpful in detecting any irregularities in the tissue and are typically performed as part of a routine examination by a medical professional. It is important for women to let their healthcare provider know about any changes or concerns they may have noticed during the examination.

Where Can I Get a Clinical Breast Examination in Dubai?

Enfield Royal Clinic, one of Dubai’s reputable medical establishments, offers comprehensive clinical exams. Because of their state-of-the-art facilities and knowledgeable medical staff, we offer thorough evaluations in a friendly and comfortable setting.

The Value of Frequently Scheduled Exams:

Maintaining health requires routine clinical exams. Typically, doctors will advise them once a year or in other ways. Frequent self-examinations and screenings are crucial for the early detection of -related issues and better outcomes.

Book Your Appointment:

In proactive healthcare, clinical breast exams in Dubai are a vital tool for advancing early detection. They may also be employed for early prevention and general health. Put yourself first by making screenings a priority and visiting reputable clinics like Enfield Royal Clinic for assessments. People can take control of their health and promote a better, more informed approach to well-being by being proactive. 

At Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai, we provide individualized care and assessments. Contact us for more details.