Can You Get Braces On Only Your First Teeth in Dubai Price & Cost

Braces are generally associated with teenagers. However, this is not true. Even adults, regardless of their age group can reach out for orthodontic treatments to upgrade their aesthetic smile. While we know Dental Braces in Dubai as a traditional approach to straightening misaligned teeth. There is a wide variety of other possibilities that can improve your unparalleled teeth. If you are dealing with gaps or specific spaces between your front teeth. Explore; Can You Get Braces On Only Your First Teeth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Or visit us for a quick check-up to determine the best suitable option to transform your beautiful smile. 

What Is The Purpose Of Braces?

The sole purpose of Orthodontic treatment is to correct misalignment, and gapping issues, to improve the over and under-bite problems, as well as address other jaw-related complications that seem to be interfering with the teeth’s positioning. Furthermore, braces are specially designed to apply a minor force that is responsible for gradually moving the teeth together, resulting in the desired final position in due time. We use special dental wires and brackets to connect and create a healthy-looking smile.

Who Can Opt For This Orthodontic Treatment?

This is a cosmetic procedure that has no restriction to the candidacy. Therefore, anyone unsatisfied with the gaps, spaces, and misalignment of their fully grown teeth along with over or under-bite problems can opt for an initial consultation. One of our board-certified practitioners will examine your dental concerns, and sign you up for the most suitable alternative option for you. 

Can We Get Braces To Align The Front Teeth Only?

Braces are a set of individual brackets and wiring that are carefully placed and tied to move your teeth together. Although it is applicable to place braces on the first teeth, however, aesthetically, it will not appear pleasant at all. Dentists recommend opting for the whole upper line or lower line to align the front teeth. 

How Many Types Of Braces Are There?

There are many options to choose from. You can select the specific dental braces according to your liking or depending on your budget. Below is the general information about the options we are offering are our clinic; 

  • Metal Braces; is the old traditional process that requires stainless steel brackets to be attached to the enamel wall. It is then wired together to dismiss the gaps. However, the duration of the treatment is going to vary from person to person, depending on your teeth condition. 
  • Ceramic Braces; are transparent braces that are made from a ceramic material that is going to camouflage into your teeth. The color is the brackets is almost clear, hence, it becomes difficult to notice the braces even at a closer distance. However, the cost of these braces is relatively expensive to the traditional method. 
  • Lingual Braces; are metal braces, however, these are secured at the back of your teeth. This allows no visible sign of metal on your teeth. Hence, this is a good option for those who are avoiding an interruption with their facial profile.
  • Self-ligating braces; are special clips that are held on the archwire to keep them in place. We do not use any elastics or ties as compared to the traditional methods. However, this is the most comfortable and pleasant experience of straightening your teeth, that too, with a reduced amount of time progress. 
  • Clear Aligners; are the newest innovative technique that is seemingly gaining popularity every day. It is a clear plastic tray that is custom-made according to your teeth’s shape. As the improvement begins to take place, the trays are going to be modified for the best results. Moreover, you can place and take them off whenever you wish to. It is the most flexible treatment that allows smoother outcomes that too without any discomfort at all. 

How Are Traditional Braces Installed?

Below is a general outline to enlighten you about Teeth Straightening Dubai;

  • The first step is to deep cleanse your mouth. This is essential because it will grant us a clear canvas to begin the installation process.
  • After which, a special glue is used to attach the brackets on the teeth wall. Each one is carefully placed on top to firmly hold onto the enamel.
  • It takes a few minutes to dry off and remain stuck until the end of the treatment. In the end, wirings are attached to tighten the brackets. 
  • We will provide you with some cleansing tools to brush between the braces and sustain your oral hygiene. 
  • You are checked in for your follow-up appointments to track your progress. Finally, you can swish some mouthwash to rinse off before returning home. 

What Are The Benefits For Me?

Orthodontic procedures are customized treatment plans that are going to upgrade your aesthetic smile. Below are a few popular perks of your transformational journey;

  • Your teeth are permanently improved. 
  • All the misalignment is corrected, eliminating bacterial attacks.
  • You can brush your teeth properly and floss in between with ease.
  • It is a boost to your dental health and oral hygiene.
  • Candidates talk about being able to smile with full confidence.
  • With good care, you can sustain the beauty of your brilliant smile for a lifetime. 

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