Can You 100% Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Stretch marks or striae are one of the most popular problems with which girls turn to a beautician. If you can still fight sagging skin at home, then getting rid of stretch marks on the abdomen or thighs is almost impossible. Most cosmetic products practically do not give any effect. Therefore, we recommend approaching the solution to the issue more thoroughly. But first, let’s figure out if Can you 100% Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Why do Stretch Marks Appear?

The so-called striae appear after a sharp increase in body weight. Normally, the skin is able to stretch and contract to the desired size on its own, without losing its attractiveness. Molecules of collagen and elastin are responsible for this. However, sometimes these molecules are not enough, and problems begin.

As a result of microtraumas of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, lilac or bluish stripes appear in places of greatest stretching. Over time, they brighten and sometimes become almost invisible.

Where do Stretchmarks Appear?

Legs with Stretch Marks. The majority of the time, they show up on the hips, but because of the intense muscular growth brought on by strength training, elite athletes also show up on the calves.

The chest has Stretch Marks. appear because of substantial growth in the mammary glands during pregnancy and nursing. Another scenario for striae is when there is a sudden change in weight or height during puberty owing to fast growth.

The butt has Stretch Marks. No matter her age or physical characteristics, any female might have stripes on her buttocks. Their primary cause is typically excessively quick weight gain, which puts stress on the tissues of the upper layer of the epidermis and causes them to burst.

Abdominal Stretch Marks. Stripes in the belly are the complaint that pregnant women make the most. The abdomen expands dramatically during pregnancy, and the epidermis experiences a great deal of stress.

The back has Stretch Marks. The majority of the time, they form in puberty in children of both sexes as a result of hormonal imbalances, decreased immunity, numerous internal organ ailments, and hereditary connective tissue underdevelopment.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Although these alterations to the epidermis do not constitute a health risk, the stripes on the body are unsightly and the cause of many complexes, therefore ladies make every effort to get rid of them. The causes of stretch marks’ occurrence will next be discussed, along with the best ways to get rid of them. And Can you 100% get rid of stretch marks in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

What are the Clinical Treatments Available?

In the case of outdated and very large stretch marks, it will not work to remove them exclusively with home care and cosmetics. In this case, various cosmetic procedures are recommended. The most effective among them are:

Laser Resurfacing – the laser beam is able to partially remove scar tissue and stimulates the synthesis of collagen, contributing to the formation of young and healthy skin over the striae.

Chemical Peels – are carried out using products based on acidic compounds. The effect and action of peeling are similar to laser resurfacing.

Microdermabrasion – mechanical polishing of damaged areas using a special apparatus with a rotating nozzle that removes the top layer of the epidermis.

Injections – the introduction under the skin of various drugs that stimulate collagen synthesis and have a pronounced moisturizing effect. Such procedures eliminate dryness and increase the density of the epidermis, making stretch marks less noticeable.

Surgical Intervention – aesthetic surgery involves the complete removal of the area with a defect and the imposition of an inconspicuous cosmetic suture. For large areas of scarring, a flap from another part of the body can be transplanted to the site of the removed skin.

Can you Get Rid of Stretch Marks?

Can you 100% Get Rid of Stretch Marks in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Stretch marks often dissolve with time, but they could not. Stretch marks are allegedly prevented, reduced, or removed by several creams and lotions. But there isn’t much proof that these actually function. There are several treatments that could improve the appearance of stretch marks but they won’t get rid of them. 

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