Can Veneers Fix Protruding Teeth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price

People first take notice of a stunning smile. There are numerous techniques in contemporary dentistry for removing cosmetic flaws (both congenital and acquired). Therefore, everyone who has experienced such issues directly should be aware of whether it is feasible to place veneers on front teeth that are misaligned.

When the upper front teeth are slanted outward or jut out in front of the lower front teeth, this condition is known as bucked teeth or malocclusion. From either side of the face, the teeth appear to be protruding forward. This anterior issue is also known as an “overbite.” Today I’m going to tell you Can Veneers Fix Protruding Teeth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

Causes of Protruding Teeth:

  • Prolonged bottle Feeding during the Early Years:

Long-term bottle feeding might eventually advance the front teeth.

  • Using a Pacifier or Thumb Sucking:

Your teeth’s alignment is strained when you suck your thumb or another foreign object, such as a pencil. The origin of childhood behavior is still a mystery. According to scientists, thumb sucking helps the brain’s calming process because it is repeated. However, thumb-sucking can harm your teeth and is not good for your dental health.

  • Improper Dental Alignment:

On both the upper and lower jawlines, your teeth should line up and be symmetrical. Any soreness in the jaw, or occasionally in the neck, may be a sign that your bite is not properly aligned.

  • Tongue Thrusting:

By forcing the teeth outward, the act of pushing the tongue between the upper and lower teeth separates the permanent teeth.

How Is a Projecting Tooth Fixed?

Quick Straight teeth and a 6-month smile are quicker treatment options if your gums are in good shape. You can straighten projecting teeth quicker than with conventional orthodontics with Quick straight teeth or a 6-month smile. By closing the spaces between teeth caused by their outward movement and altering the angle of the teeth, straight teeth can be achieved using either technique.

Can Veneers Fix Protruding Teeth Dubai & Abu Dhabi? Veneers or crowns can be used to correct crooked or projecting anterior teeth, depending on the situation.

The benefit of employing dental crowns or veneers is that they can straighten cosmetically flared teeth more quickly than orthodontic treatment. Additionally, you have complete control over the shade and contour of your teeth.

Indications For Veneers:

If the front teeth are noticeably different in size, shape, or position from the surrounding teeth, veneers can help you restore the beauty of your smile. Overlays can be put on one or more teeth. The following situations call for their use:

  • Front teeth with a noticeable degree of curvature;
  • A tooth in a row that is positioned incorrectly;
  • A small crowding exists;
  • A gap between the teeth ruins the appearance of a grin.

Ceramic Veneers for Crooked Front Teeth:

Prominent curvature, wide gaps, or tooth crowding can all be fixed with ceramic veneers. Ceramics’ color is chosen by the individual. Since ceramics resemble genuine tooth enamel in appearance, veneers last more than ten years and give the appearance of healthy, beautiful, natural teeth.


  • A drastic remedy for the issue of the teeth’s obvious curvature; a very attractive grin;
  • The material is dye-resistant;
  • Reliable bacterial protection for oral tissues;
  • No particular hygiene standards.

Composite Veneers for Crooked Teeth:

If your treatment budget is constrained and you need to address minor curvature or small interdental gaps, composite veneers are the best option. By strengthening the tooth with a substance resembling filling, the doctor does a correction right inside the mouth. The VITA scale is used to choose the pre-shade.


  • For correction, only one clinic visit is required;
  • Minimum dental care is necessary;
  • The least expensive dental veneers for misaligned teeth.

The substance is placed in multiple layers, each of which hardens and becomes stronger after a short period of time. One visit to the dentist is all that is required for the treatment, which is also known as the artistic restoration of teeth. The doctor grinds and polishes the surface of the veneers once the composite has dried in all of its layers in order to give them a natural gloss and lessen the porosity of the material. The surgery should be repeated every six months going forward since composite veneers require meticulous oral hygiene.

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