Can Teeth Grinding Move Teeth

Do you wake up in the morning feeling an ache in your jaw and gums? This condition can move your dental work and sometimes cause immense movement after newly removed braces. Fortunately, Mouthguards In Dubai come to your rescue. If you suspect that you suffer from this condition and are worried about “Can Teeth Grinding Move Teeth?” You can consult a dentist and they will help you address this problem to give you peace of mind.

What Is Teeth Grinding?

It is also known as bruxism and is a condition that involves unconscious clenching, and grinding your teeth. Apart from that, this condition causes tooth pain and sensitivity, tenderness of the jaw, chipped teeth, facial muscle fatigue, and many more. It is caused due to stress and anxiety, underbite, or certain medical conditions. This condition has no medical cure but it can be managed through several treatments such as mouth guards, stress management techniques, or even changing your lifestyle can help maintain this condition.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Mouthguards create a physical barrier between your lower and upper teeth. The barrier absorbs direct impacts and pressure generated from excessive clenching. It also creates a good position for your jaw and allows it to relax. Moreover, they reduce clicking noises since they are made of rubber-like material. It is also convenient to sleep with and do not cause any discomfort when you wear them.

Does This Condition Shift Your Teeth?

This condition is known to shift teeth. It causes gradual shifts that become evident after a few months. Similarly, if you just got your braces removed, then you might notice dramatic movement. Furthermore, if your condition is more severe, then it’s better to seek proper dental care to avoid any more complications and maintain a healthy and stable smile. 

What Are The Expected Results?

It will significantly reduce the wear and tear of your tooth and reduce jaw pain. You will also experience less jolts of pain in your mouth after waking up. Your dental health will improve and your migraines will also go away.

Are You An Eligible Candidate?

Individuals who are experiencing symptoms of bruxism can undergo this treatment. Those who have gone through restoration procedures and have otherwise good dental health are also recommended for this treatment. It is also completely safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

How Is The Procedure Carried Out?

The procedure is carried out using safe and effective methods. A few of them are:


  • The specialist will take impressions of both upper and lower teeth using a soft mold.
  • After that, the mold is sent for fabrication in the lab.
  • Once it arrives at the facility, you are called back for fitting.
  • The excess is trimmed off and any necessary adjustments are made to secure it.


  • Choose a guard from a reputable provider.
  • Boil it in warm water for 30 to 60 seconds. After that, carefully bite into the mold and hold this position for 30 seconds.
  • After it cools down, you can trim any stray edges for a better fit.

What Are The Benefits?

Patients experience multiple benefits of Mouthguards In Dubai. Some of them are:

  • It prevents the teeth from wear and tear due to constant grinding and reduces the risk of cracks, chips, or fractures.
  • It also reduces jaw pain and improves tender muscles and joints by relaxing them.
  • It reduces headaches and migraines caused due to excess grinding and improves them by preventing excess tension.
  • With this treatment, you will feel more relaxed without any noise and other disruptions, this will help you sleep more soundly.
  • This treatment will also protect your previous dental work and prevent any damage to them.
  • By reducing grinding, this treatment can also reduce anxiety, since this condition is often related to it.
  • Apart from that the treatment also improves speech by reducing the tension on the jaw.

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