Can Overlapping Teeth Be Fixed in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Teeth are parts of the body that have an enormous impact on how you look and leave an impression on others. When you smile, they define your personality. Not only do they have aesthetic value, but if you have Overlapping Teeth, they pose serious challenges while biting or even speaking. You may experience issues such as overbiting or underbiting, and altered speech. Dentistry has evolved to the extent that these issues can be resolved with simple surgeries. If you are seeking an answer to the question, Can Overlapping Teeth Be Fixed in Dubai & Abu Dhabi we can help you resolve the query through our comprehensive guide. Continue reading to explore the vast possibilities in the world of medicine.

An Overview Of The Problem:

Also known as dental crowding, it occurs when there isn’t enough space in the gums for all the denticles to fit properly. As a result, they may be misaligned and overlap with each other. Several factors could contribute to this, such as inheriting smaller jaws and bigger teeth, premature loss of primary dentition (where the neighboring ones expand and fill in the gap), irregular dental development, or habits such as thumb sucking in infancy age.

Methods Offered For The Treatment:

Two commonly employed approaches are as follows:

  • Dental Correction: This method utilizes orthodontic devices such as braces or aligners to gradually move the molars to their desired positions over time. They apply gentle pressure to shift them, while clear aligners use a series of custom-made trays for gradual alignment.
  • Surgical Methods: This approach involves extracting one or two teeth to create space for the proper alignment of the remaining ones. It may be necessary in cases of severe crowding where there isn’t enough space in the jaw for all to fit in.

What Happens In The Medical Office?

Here is a complete procedure for employing Braces In Dubai. Read along to explore:

  • First, you will need to consult with the orthodontist. They will assess your teeth condition and jaw size by taking X-rays to determine the type of procedures you will undergo. In some cases, an extraction may be required before braces can be applied.
  • On the day of the placement, to ensure oral hygiene the mouth area is cleansed and dried thoroughly through medical procedures. 
  • It is a non-invasive treatment plan, so there is no need for anesthesia as you won’t be feeling any pain; there might be a little bit of discomfort. 
  • The doctor will attach the brackets of the braces to the surface by using a special adhesive agent, and then an archwire is threaded through them. It is then secured with an elastic band. 
  • After that, adjustments are made by loosening or tightening the wire according to the desired results. 
  • The braces will start their actions by gradually moving the teeth apart or closer to each other and aligning them into a proper shape. 
  • You will need to visit the doctor’s clinic every 3 to 5 weeks for adjustments and check-ups. 
  • Once the desired alignment has been achieved, the next phase is to retain the results.
  • Your dentist will remove the braces and provide you with a retainer that will help maintain the new alignment.

What Benefits Does It Offer?

Explore the advantages as listed below:

  • Firstly, improved oral health results from aligned teeth, enabling thorough brushing and flossing to reach every corner and remove bacteria or germs.
  • Enhanced hygiene is achieved by removing bacteria typically trapped inside swollen gums and between overlapping teeth, thus preventing several gum diseases as well as tooth decay.
  • Braces offer a long-term approach, as the results are permanent and cannot be reversed.
  • Unlike surgical procedures, braces are relatively painless and do not require any sutures.
  • Relief from jaw pains due to misaligned teeth is provided, along with helping overcome the problems of overbiting and underbiting.
  • Furthermore, braces improve the clarity of speech and provide an enhanced aesthetic appearance.
  • Enhanced confidence is a result of a contoured shape and perfectly shaped jawline that you will get from this treatment.
  • By allowing you to smile brighter, braces positively impact mental health and contribute to overall well-being.

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