Can Laser Remove Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost & Price

Most people have suffered from cuts, burns, animal bites, severe abrasions, or another type of skin damage at least once in their lifetime. These outcomes result in the skin’s structure being violated and replaced by connective tissue. As a result, the area of injury may develop fairly obvious patterns called scars. Can Laser Remove Scars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Their appearance is influenced by the type of injury, the medical interventions used during therapy, age, skin type, and physical attributes. Scars may be quite uncomfortable for their owners and make them feel self-conscious, especially if they are facial scars from cuts or acne. It is also well known that scar tissue is more vulnerable to the harmful effects of UV radiation than healthy skin.

What are Scars?

Depending on what caused the scars to emerge, there are several sorts of scars.

  • Normotrophic: These scars often have a mild or normal sensitivity and are light in color.
  • Atrophic: They are variously shaped skin retraction zones. They manifest when there is inadequate collagen production, which results in a weak response of connective tissues to the damage.
  • Hypertrophic: If an inflammatory response was seen in the wound, such cicatricial structures may develop. These scars are distinguished by extensive connective tissue growth.
  • Keloid: Scarring that is pathological and accompanied by excessive connective tissue development There is usually an inflammatory process in a keloid. It is distinguished by vivid color, discomfort, itching, and the expansion of connective tissue past the site of injury. Keloids need special care because they can’t shrink on their own.

What is Laser Scar Removal?

Laser Scar Removal is done at cosmetic medicine clinics like Enfield Royal Clinic utilizing the most recent techniques and products. Positive responses from clients of our clinics demonstrate that these techniques truly have the greatest impact.

By using a laser to remove scars, you may make wounds and surgical incisions on the skin as undetectable as possible.

The potential of lasers is virtually limitless. Can Laser Remove Scars in Dubai & Abu Dhabi? What result is possible with a laser?

  • The surrounding tissues are made more elastic and firm, the scar tissue is aligned, and the Strain of the intact skin is reduced; the scar’s surface is polished to make it as soft as possible, similar to healthy tissue;
  • Scar tissue should be positioned and colored to resemble healthy skin.

Who can Get the Treatment?

After laser or therapeutic correction, the doctor may occasionally advise the use of specialized silicone patches to protect and hydrate scar tissue and foster the best possible circumstances for healing. Some patients may be given specific anti-scar gels, which must be used consistently during the duration of therapy.

The following are some reasons to avoid the procedure:

  • little than two weeks old (natural or solarium);
  • skin conditions, particularly when they are severe;
  • infection, bacterial skin damage, and herpes flare-ups;
  • cardiovascular illness, diabetes mellitus, and pacemakers;
  • epilepsy, onco- and mental illnesses, etc.

What is the Ideal Moment to Begin Healing a Scar?

Natural healing processes in a fresh scar take place for a while (often about 6 months), but they can be sped up if necessary with the use of topical products like silicone, zinc hyaluronate, and hyaluron. They create a barrier that keeps moisture in, making the scar smoother and softer as a result. These are specialized scar gels, lotions, and ointments. The methods utilized lose their effectiveness after active healing.

How does the Procedure Feel Like?

Depending on the scar and the laser, the skin is lubricated with an anesthetic lotion prior to the laser operation. Additionally, every contemporary laser has an inbuilt cooling system that keeps the skin cold during the whole treatment. You could feel hot or heated. The duration of the process might range from a few minutes to an hour, depending on the region being treated.

How Many Sessions are Necessary?

It depends on the particular scar, when it first appeared, and its characteristics. The doctor will assess each patient and recommend the best course of action.

Scar repair typically takes 3-5 operations carried out once every 1 to 1.5 months. Two or three operations are sufficient to change the scar’s color. Two or three operations are sufficient to change the scar’s color. There is no difference in the length of the breaks between treatments.

Now that you know Can Laser Remove Scars in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Get in contact with the professionals at Enfield Royal Laser Clinic to find out the type of scars you have and the best course of action.