Can I Get A Filling Instead Of A Root Canal in Dubai Price & Cost

When it comes to dental treatments, people often feel scared to undergo any procedure. However, it is not ideal to remain in pain, rather than reaching out for dental care. Unlike any other therapies, these treatments are also designed to give you comfort and relief. If you have been dealing with sensitivity issues, or do you have a toothache ache due to cavities. This is high time you visit us for a detailed check-up. We will perform the suitable option for your decaying tooth. If you are wondering; Can I Get A Filling Instead Of A Root Canal in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Read the guide below and find out how exactly a Root Canal In Dubai works.

What Is The Difference Between A Filling And A Root Canal?

A filling is an injection that contains a dose of antibiotic medication. These are used to disinfect the bacterial properties of a sick tooth. Moreover, it can also be used for bonding or reconstruction of a chipped tooth. Whereas, a Root Canal is a complete treatment that is used for the restoration of your dental health. The aim of the procedure is to discard the bacteria that has latched itself to the enamel wall. As it begins to eat up the calcium compounds, the discomfort arises. Therefore, the purpose of this therapy is to deep clean the cavities from the roots and tame the throbbing pain. In addition to this, the filling injections are now injected into the treatment sites. After which, a cover is placed on top to seal the deal. 

What Is The Most Suitable Option For Me?

The filling is a part of the treatment. We perform this step as a process. However, it is not ideal to finish it off as a therapy. There are other mandatory steps and stages to restoring health to an affected tooth. This is why, we recommend going for a complete treatment and making sure you do get a Crown installed on the treated tooth. 

What Happens During A Consultation?

We advise candidates to visit for the initial consultation because we can perform the cleaning and trace the impressions of the affected tooth for a custom-made crown. As soon as we receive the top cover from our labs, we will see you on the appointed date for the treatment. 

How Is The Procedure Performed?

This is a slightly invasive approach to restoring prosperity to your sick tooth. Below is a general information about the process;

  • The expert in charge will perform some X-rays to determine the depth of the destruction. The step is followed by a gentle cleansing of the entire mouth.
  • We will then inject some anesthetic injections directly into your gums to numb the area for the treatment. 
  • A dental sheet is placed on top to draw attention to the affected tooth solely. Your dentist will use a dental drill to dig a hole into the tooth. 
  • Some antibacterial injections are filled into the incision. These will disinfect the bacteria and tame the inflamed blood vessels.
  • In the end, the tooth is refilled and completely constructed to prevent further damage. However, you are signed up for a follow-up session to get a Dental Crown installed on top. 
  • This shall lock the new changes in place and eliminate any risks of fracture or future cavities. Lastly, you are given homecare guidelines to practice smooth healing.

What Are The Ideal Results For Me?

We gathered some benefits of a Root Canal In Dubai. Read and explore the mentioned perks in store for you;

  • You can easily eat and drink any cold or hot food or drink items without going through electrifying sensations anymore.
  • Even brushing your teeth will not cause any discomfort due to excessive dentin built-up because we will deep clean your mouth from all the impurities.
  • Furthermore, it will also protect and safeguard the dental health of other healthy teeth. No more bacteria are able to spread and cause further damage.
  • It will also pause your gum recession and bleeding. This will eliminate your bad breath issues for good. 
  • Moreover, you can comfortably smile and laugh with ease. There are no gray scales or cavities peeking through your lips.
  • On top of that, after a successful treatment, you can maintain your oral health simply by visiting your dentist from time to time.
  • Lastly, there is no serious downtime or recovery to worry about. You can go back to work within a day. Additionally, food consumption is permissible stating you begin from semi-liquid to solid meals in a week.

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