Can I Do Breast Lift While Breastfeeding in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost


Breastfeeding is a lovely and natural practice that strengthens the link between mother and child while nourishing the newborn. To regain form and firmness after breastfeeding, some women might think about getting a breast lift. In this blog post, we’ll examine the practicality and key factors of the subject of whether getting an augmentation while nursing is doable. Read on to learn more about Can I do Breast Lift while Breastfeeding in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. 

Understanding the Process:

Surgery to elevate and reshape sagging breasts is known as a breast lift, sometimes known as a mastopexy. It entails removing extra skin, relocating the nipple-areolar complex, and tightening the tissue surrounding it. While a lift can improve attractiveness. It’s important to comprehend how nursing is affected by it. 

Feasibility of Procedure While Breastfeeding:

Generally speaking, having a breast lift surgery in Dubai done while still nursing is not advised. This is due to a number of factors:

Hormonal Changes: 

A woman’s body experiences hormonal changes during nursing, which can have an impact on her size, shape, and sensitivity. Having a lift during this time can obstruct these organic processes and could affect milk output.

Potential Complications: 

This surgery requires cutting into the tissue and rearranging the tissue. These elements raise the possibility of issues that could harm nursing, such as infections, bleeding, or sluggish wound healing.

Unexpected Outcomes: 

The size and form might substantially change after breastfeeding. They may continue to change after surgery, so having a lift before you’ve finished breastfeeding could provide unexpected outcomes.

Timing and Considerations:

It is advised to wait until you have finished your breastfeeding adventure if you are thinking about getting a lift and intend to breastfeed in the future. Before any surgical intervention, this enables your body to settle and return to a more predictable state.

Consulting with a Qualified Plastic Surgeon:

It is essential to speak with a licensed plastic surgeon before considering breast lift surgery in Dubai or any other cosmetic procedure. They will evaluate your particular circumstances, talk with you about your objectives, and provide you with specific advice based on things like your breast form, your nursing goals, and your general health.

Alternative Options:

While a lift may not be possible while nursing, there are non-surgical options available to improve the appearance of your body. These activities, which can all assist in improving tone and firmness naturally, include strength training exercises, donning supportive bras, and leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Strength Training Exercises:

Regular chest-targeted strength training activities can help naturally raise and tone the breasts. Push-ups, chest presses, and dumbbell flies can help to build stronger underlying muscles that support the breasts better.

Supportive Bras:

Purchasing supportive bras that fit properly is crucial during breastfeeding. To provide the breasts with the necessary support and lift, look for bras with wide underbands, adjustable straps, and the appropriate cup size. Think about useful and comfortable bras made just for women who are nursing.

Massage the Breasts:

A little breast massage can increase tissue suppleness, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and improve blood flow. Regularly promoting firmness and enhancing overall breast appearance can be accomplished by rubbing the breasts in circular motions with a moisturizer or natural oil.

Book Your Consultation:

While the urge for a lift is reasonable, it is typically advised to postpone getting one until after you have finished nursing. So you must not go for breast lift surgery in Dubai if you are feeding a baby. Prioritizing the health of both mother and child is advised due to the hormonal fluctuations, probable problems, and unexpected outcomes involved with combining both. Making selections that are in line with your long-term objectives for breast augmentation and general well-being can be made easier by seeking the advice of a trained plastic surgeon and investigating other options. Contact Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic Dubai if you still want to get the advice of qualified personnel. You can call us directly or fill out the form below to book the appointment.