Can Hair Transplant Cure Genetic Baldness in Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Are you also facing the unavoidable condition of genetic hair loss? Or are you waiting for that unforeseeable future and want to get a head start? Whatever the reason, this condition creates an undesirable effect on both your body and mind negatively impacting your life. For this reason, Hair Transplant In Abu Dhabi is a good option for you. This treatment solves the complex interplay between genetics and hormones while providing you with long-lasting results to improve your aesthetic as well as medical condition. Let’s deep dive into the realm of hair fall and get answers to queries regarding Can Hair Transplant Cure Genetic Baldness in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and reverse it towards luscious locks.

What Is Genetic Baldness?

It is also known as androgenous alopecia, a condition prevalent in both men and women. This condition is characterized by the gradual recession of hairline and thinning that starts from the crown of your head and often progresses backward, leading to complete loss. The primary causative factor is genetics and hormones. Additionally, the rate of progression differs in both men and women. In the end, there are numerous treatment options available that can promote new growth, or at least conceal bald areas. 

Can Hair Transplant Cure It?

The first question that pops into one’s mind regarding genetic baldness is whether the results of hair treatment are permanent. The treatments address the symptoms of this type of loss. Management might be needed as well as using a combination of different approaches and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to improve your condition and effectively get rid of it in the long run.

How Does The Treatment Work?

Direct hair implantation is an effective treatment against the loss of hair. After the implantation is completed, the treatment involves a 2-4 weeks shedding phase in which the transplanted shafts fall out. This gives way to new and glossy growth that lasts 4 to 6 months in which you experience actual growth. During this period, your hair continues to grow, reaching its full density and improving your aesthetic.

What To Expect During The Process?

The procedure involves several specific steps that are strictly followed to ensure optimal results. A general overview is given below:

  • At the start of the procedure, local anesthesia is injected into both donor and recipient areas to ensure minimal pain during the treatment.
  • Then, donor hair is extracted using a choi implanter pen to make sure then individual shafts are harvested.
  • The specialist then prepares the follicles and cleans them for implantation.
  • The balding area is then created using a fine needle.
  • Then, the pen is used again to transplant the grafts. The specialist manipulates the follicle’s depth and angle to create a natural appearance.
  • The specialist cleans the scalp again and dresses it using a special gauze. Follow-ups are arranged to ensure the quality of your procedure.

Benefits To Look For:

You will experience several advantages of Hair Transplant Abu Dhabi. Some of these are mentioned below:

  • The treatment is a minimally invasive approach and does not involve any discomfort during and after the procedure.
  • Moreover, it does not leave a scar since no incisions are made in the donor or recipient area. This makes it ideal for people who want shorter haircuts.
  • The treatment is performed with controlled preciseness to achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing growth pattern that will match your ideal appearance.
  • The pen used in this treatment reduces the risk of graft damage, contributing to a high survival rate and better growth potential.
  • The treatment involves faster healing with shorter downtime which allows you to resume your normal life activities, shortly.
  • Furthermore, the treatment utilizes individual follicle extraction, making it ideal for people with limited donor areas.
  • The treatment provides a natural pattern of growth that will mimic your previous one. This is done by using a predetermined mode of action.
  • Lastly, when growth resumes, you will notice thick, lush strands that will improve your confidence and social life as well as provide natural results.

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