Can eye bags return after blepharoplasty in Dubai Price & Cost

Under-eye bags occur as a result of the forward progression of the adipose tissue behind the age-related loosening tissues of the lower eyelid. This causes a swollen appearance under the eyes and spoils the appearance of the person in an aesthetic sense. Although the formation of under-eye bags occurs with age, genetic predisposition also plays an important role. They can be corrected with eyelid surgery but Can Eye Bags Return After Blepharoplasty in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is Under Eye Bags Surgery?

Surgery to remove bags on the lower and upper eyelids is called blepharoplasty. As in other countries, one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries in our country, eyelid beauty and the rest of the skin on the upper eyelids can be removed, which can prevent the opening of the eyelid, and bags under the eyes can also be removed. Excess skin on the upper eyelid and bags under the eyes can be removed at the same time as the operation. In this way, positive results are achieved in terms of a dynamic and youthful appearance and function of the eyelids.

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

In order to avoid bleeding complications during or after the surgery, the use of aspirin, vitamin E, some painkillers, or herbal preparations that reduce blood clotting should be discontinued at least 10 days before. It is best not to use drugs or additional support pills other than a balanced diet.

Those with high blood pressure should have their blood pressure under control with medications.

How is the Surgery Performed?

The patient should be examined by the doctor before surgery to remove the bags under the eyes. During this detailed examination, symptoms such as sagging skin around the eyes, excess skin, subcutaneous fat, intake, and possible muscle relaxation are examined. The plastic surgeon will decide on the procedure to remove bags under the eyes after the test.

At this stage, the surgeon should know about eye-related diseases in general. The beauty surgery of the pocket under the eyes, which lasts an average of 1 hour, is performed under local anesthesia and sedative intravenously. In the case of elevated eyelid changes, this period “increases further”.

The surgery will take approximately 1 hour for both eyes. In lower eyelid beauty surgery, excess skin and subtle muscle tension under the skin will be removed, as well as deeper fatty tissue. Also, depending on personal anatomical changes, it is possible to carry out activities such as fat transfer and fat transfer on the spine to positively alter the appearance of this area.


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What to do After Surgery?

The following guidelines should be followed for faster recovery:  

  • Applying cold to the eyelid for 10 minutes at the beginning of every hour in the first 48 hours after eyelid bag surgery is important to reduce edema and prevent possible bleeding.
  • It is recommended to sleep in the head-up position for at least 1 week after the surgery.
  • Forced situations such as heavy lifting, coughing, sneezing, and straining can cause bleeding and edema. It would be appropriate to avoid these situations.

Can Eye Bags Return After Blepharoplasty?

Many people want to know the answer to the question: Can Eye Bags Return After Blepharoplasty in Dubai. A satisfactory result from this operation for a large part of patients persists throughout life, however, some still need additional correction after 7-10 years.

Does It have any Risks?

The surgery must be performed by an ophthalmologist specializing in the field in order to minimize the complications that can be seen. Particular care should be taken when working in this area.

Although it is rarely seen in terms of the lower eyelids, the main complication is a retraction, which can occur when inappropriate techniques are used. This complication can cause the lower eyelid to remain too low and the eye to remain open. Inadequate closure of the eyelid also leads to various problems such as the dry eye.