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Teeth are crucial body parts. They assist in the majority of functions such as chewing, and grinding, and also add to your beauty. Unfortunately, the majority of external and internal factors lead to the destruction of teeth. The factors that are mainly involved are more consumption of sugary foods, lack of brushing, eating unhygienic food, smoking, and many more. But no need to worry there are a lot of non-invasive treatments available to fix misaligned teeth.

Braces are used all over the world to align misaligned teeth. They make them accurate and fix them according to your facial symmetry. It is a rumor that braces are not safe and they weaken your teeth gradually. Moreover, they give you weird looks and are much more painful. But in reality, people who opt for braces get amazing results. They give more potential to their smile and enhance their beauty. So if you are still confused about Can Braces Be Attractive in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah you can see an expert endodontist and know about all the pros and cons.

What are Braces?

These are the dental tools that align your teeth properly. They also serve to correct your crooked or misplaced teeth. It adjusts your smile and bites to relieve the discomfort of eating. Both adults and teenagers can have braces and make their smiles more beautiful.


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What are its Types?

Braces are of different types made from different kinds of material. But all aim to correct their placement and align them according to facial symmetry. Sometimes teeth face outward and your lips do not get close completely. Braces are used to make your teeth align and push them inward.

The different types of braces are as follows

  • Metal Braces:

These braces are made up of metal that puts pressure on teeth to straighten them. They contain bands or brackets that are placed on the sides of the front tooth. Flexible wires are placed around bands to keep keep the teeth in place. An additional device called headgear is used that can be worn at night. This device helps metal braces to align teeth by keeping them in place. 

  • Ceramic Braces:

Ceramic braces work as metal braces that use clear and invisible brackets rather than using silver wires. They are less visible and have the color of natural teeth. These braces serve as the best alteration over metal braces as they are less noticeable and do not give awkward look. 

  • Lingual Braces:

These braces touch your tongue. They are placed at the back of the mouth touching the tongue. These braces are not visible on the front teeth and are harder to see. They touch the palate and back of the tongue, unlike traditional braces. 

  • Aligners:

They also mimic the function of braces. Aligners are best for adults as their teeth become weak with time. These aligners do not apply much pressure and involve less pain as compared to braces. 


You need to be careful about your oral hygiene after wearing braces. There are some general  precautionary measures

  • You should brush your teeth twice a day using a specific brush for braces.
  • You should not eat hard food that is difficult to chew.
  • Use dental floss to floss your mouth daily. 
  • Use a retainer when you sleep at night to keep teeth in place.
  • Inhibit smoking and the use of alcohol. 
  • Do not touch your teeth with braces as your hand contains a lot of germs. 
  •  You should see your endodontist after every 6 months. 

Can Braces Look Attractive?

Yes, braces look attractive when you smile. They improve your look and align your teeth to make your smile worthful.  You may feel weird for the first days but with time they will settle on your teeth. They will repair all the crooked teeth and give you a beautiful smile. Braces just blend into your original appearance. They do not add or remove any beauty from your appearance. 

Recovery and Results:

The results are permanent and teeth do not face any misplacing after the treatment. The time period lasts from 8 months to two years and varies for every person. Sometimes it might take a long time period depending upon the teeth’ condition. The one with the less poor condition also gets effective results within 6 months. 

Why Choose Us?

There are many dental procedures that are performed at our Enfield Royal Orthodontists Clinic in Dubai. Braces are the most popular treatment in our clinic. People want to know if Can Braces Be Attractive in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah as they think they can give you weird looks. You can see your dentist if you want to align your teeth and get to know about this procedure.

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