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There are many treatments that can lift an aging face. Some are semi-invasive whereas, others take time to get done with. If you are someone who is struggling with saggy or loose facial skin. And you are looking for an effective yet, less timely procedure. We have an excellent option for you. Botox In Dubai is all about transforming your face in less than an hour. Our experts have created magic for candidates with multiple skin conditions. Learn more about the treatment. And find out how Can Botox Lift Your Face in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Get ready to re-live the best days of your life. 

What Are Botox Injections?

It is a unique way to get facelifts without going under the knife. This procedure is completely pain-free and delivers results within weeks. The aim of the treatment is to remodel the facial profile. Botox injections have the power to pause muscle contractions. And at the same time, fill in the empty spaces that act as a dent inside. Which causes wrinkles and loose skin on the outer surface. The goal is to provide a seamless and natural appearance to the face. And the good news is, you are in charge of your youthful days. You can opt for as many sessions as you like, to sustain your desired results.

How Does It Lift The Skin?

With time, the skin becomes flat. The reason is, the facial muscles are either exhausted from their job or too weak to perform their task. As a result, no new cells are available to keep the skin looking healthy and plump. As the muscles lose their energy, the skin starts to look saggy. But when Botox comes to the rescue. It restores life inside the dermis. It hydrates the muscles by providing the lost volume. This action activates a boost to natural collagen production. And with everything going back to normal, the skin and cells sync together. And generate a lifting effect on the exterior of the skin. Hence, your face appears youthful.


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How It Is Introduced To The Dermis?

Botox injections are directly injected into the muscles. This is how it is done;

  • The expert will clean your face. It is important to perform the method on a clean canvas. No bacteria or dirt should be lying on the surface of the skin to avoid possible infections.
  • He/She will apply a numbing cream. This will help you to go through a comfortable and pain-free experience.
  • After this, comes the drawing of a grid. A few lines are sketched on your skin as a guideline for the treatment.
  • One by one, a calculated unit of product is injected into the dermis. The expert will gently pull the skin under the care and insert the medicament directly into the muscles.
  • This action is followed by massaging the region every time. This will eliminate any risks of lumpiness inside the skin.
  • In the end, your Dermatologist will cleanse the skin again. And apply a gel to soothe the soreness or redness caused by the needles. Candidates with sensitive skin encounter this situation. Otherwise, an ice bag is given to gently tap or rub around the treated areas.

What Are The Benefits?

There are countless benefits to Botox In Dubai. Read to learn more;

  • The new changes will be visible to you in less than a month. And the results are sustainable.
  • You will notice your wrinkles and fine lines disappearing. Even the loose or baggy skin is looking tighter and much lifted.
  • There is a natural contour and tightening effect to your overall facial profile.
  • Your complexion looks even and so much vibrant. This is because the superficial scars are fading away too.
  • The natural collagen has taken over the dermis. This means continuous blood circulation and younger-looking skin for a prolonged time period.
  • There is no downtime to the treatment. And it takes less than an hour to complete one session.
  • You feel happy and confident. Everyone will compliment the extra shine and glow in your personality. 
  • And lastly, it is a pocket-friendly treatment. And Botox Dubai Price ranges between AED 1000 to AED 3000.

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