Can an FUE Hair Transplant Lead To Cancer in Dubai Cost & Price

Do you feel worried to see baldness arising on the entire scalp region? Hair loss is a serious problem that occurs in every country. This issue occurs due to manifold factors such as stress, changing environment, genetics, and many more. It is more commonly said that baldness occurs with passing age. As you grow older the hairs on your scalp shed off and this is an indication of oldness. Over the entire years, this problem is also occurring in the young generation. They are facing much hair loss mainly due to stress and anxiety and that contributes to baldness. You can get rid of baldness by having an FUE hair transplant. Visit our clinic and know Can an FUE Hair Transplant Lead To Cancer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Know about all the pros and cons before opting for it. 

What is It?

The name FUE stands for follicular unit extraction. As the name indicates the units of hairs are extracted from the roots of the scalp. This transplant involves one donor and one insertion site. The donor site is used for the removal of hairs. It is a dense rich hair site that contains numerous hairs. The recipient site is a bald site that contains fewer or almost no hairs. Baldness is overcome by filling the bald portion with hair follicles. 


This is performed by expert surgeons who have all the ideas of hair grafting. Your doctor will give you local anesthesia before starting to numb that specific area. A person may have different kinds and patterns of baldness. If the person has excessive hair on one side that hair is extracted from the follicles. These follicles are taken out from the roots and inserted into the hairless region. For insertion, the incision is given on the scalp and the hair is inserted into that region. The extraction and insertion do not cause much pain as that area is given anesthesia. This is done in the office and may take 1 hour to complete. It does not include adverse side effects and you will notice no change in the texture and color of hair follicles.  


Can an FUE Hair Transplant Lead To Cancer Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Can an FUE Hair Transplant Lead To Cancer in Dubai Can an FUE Hair Transplant Lead To Cancer in Dubai


This procedure demands a great deal of care and concern. People usually complain that they feel pain and other symptoms after the transplant. It occurs due to a lack of proper care. Your doctor will give you some suggestions for increasing the longevity and effectiveness of results. There are some aftercare measures that you should follow:

  • Make sure that you cover your head when you go out.
  • Apply healing ointment on the scalp for the scar to heal quickly.
  • Do not touch the scalp, especially the treated area.
  • Do not do heavy exercise that leads to over-sweating.
  • Smoking is injurious to health. Do not smoke after the hair transplant.
  • Do not drink alcohol as it slows down the healing of scars.

Does it lead to Brain Cancer?

In this world of technology, social media is the main source of spreading the news. Most people spread rumors that are considered true all over the world. Similarly, it is a myth that hair transplants can lead to brain cancer. It leads approval of misleading information that can have a bad impact on individuals’ lives. There are many advancements done in different medical cosmetic surgeries that are made sound for well-being. A hair transplant is quite a safe and sound procedure and does not cause any brain cancer. It is just a myth that people usually spread to lower the rating of the procedure as well as the willingness of the patient.

Why Choose Us?

We have done a thousand cases of hair transplants at Enfield Royal Hair Transplant Clinic in Dubai with amazing results. Our expert doctors are very passionate about their work and try their best to give desired results. Learn to know about Can an FUE Hair Transplant Lead To Cancer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah if you are willing to have it. You can visit our clinic and know about all the aspects of this hair transplant.