Can an Endodontist Save a Tooth in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

Can an Endodontist Save a Tooth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah? Many people may ask themselves this question when confronted with a seriously broken or infected tooth. Dental issues including cavities, gum disease, and trauma can be extremely painful and increase the likelihood that a tooth will fall out. Nonetheless, it is advised to visit an endodontist. They carry out our diagnosis to check if the tooth can be saved or if extraction is the only option left. You can get all the information about it on the blog below.

Who is an Endodontist?

A dentist with a specialty in treating problems with the dental pulp and nerves of teeth is known as an endodontist. They are skilled in identifying and treating conditions like toothaches, sensitivity, and infections that can be brought on by dental injuries, severe decay, or advanced gum disease. Dental professionals are qualified to perform challenging operations like root canal treatment and retreatment because they have completed additional training beyond dental school. Individuals may get thorough and specialized treatment for their dental issues by consulting an endodontist. Because of their extensive training, skill set, and compassionate demeanor, they are a vital asset in maintaining patients’ dental health and overall well-being.

Importance of Seeking Professional Help:

Getting expert help for dental problems is essential since ensuring dental health is important for overall health. Tooth decay, periodontal disease, and gum disease are examples of oral problems that can cause intense pain and discomfort and eventually worsen existing health issues. Qualified dentists have the education, experience, and tools needed to efficiently diagnose and treat dental conditions. Frequent dental cleanings and examinations can also aid in spotting and avoiding any problems before they worsen. Ignoring dental issues can lead to severe discomfort, and tooth loss, and even affect a person’s ability to properly eat and communicate. To maintain oral health and general health, it is crucial to get professional dental help very away.


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Causes of Dental Problems:

Dental problems can be caused by a variety of things, such as poor oral hygiene, an acidic or sugary diet, cigarette use, and inherited factors. Poor oral hygiene practices, such as occasional brushing and flossing, can cause plaques and tartar to accumulate, which can cause foul odor, cavities, and gum problems. Dental caries and erosion can also be brought on by consuming a diet rich in sugar and acids, such as citrus fruits, carbonated beverages, and candies. The use of tobacco, including smoking and chewing, can lead to gum disease, oral cancer, and discolored teeth. However, certain individuals may naturally be predisposed to dental problems, rendering them more vulnerable to diseases like tooth decay or gum disease.

What to Expect During The Consultation?

A molar that is at risk of breaking down owing to serious decay or disease may be diagnosed and treated by a dental expert who focuses on treating problems relating to the dental pulp and nerves. The dentist may conduct a root canal treatment in such a case, which entails extracting the harmed or damaged tissue from the inside of the tooth and refilling the hole with a filler to stop further infections. The specialist will develop a customized treatment plan depending on the person’s specific requirements and the severity of the problem following a thorough evaluation which may involve X-rays or other diagnostic investigations to evaluate the amount of tooth damage. After carrying out all the diagnoses only then you can get the answer to the question, “Can an Endodontist Save a Tooth in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah?

How Can The Tooth Be Saved?

  • To make sure the procedure is painless, the patient is initially given a local anesthetic to numb the area around the tooth.
  • To reach the pulp chamber, the dentist will then cut a small incision in the crown of the tooth.
  • Gutta-percha, a substance that resembles rubber, is used to fill the canals once they have been cleaned and prepared. Sealing the canals stops the infection from spreading.
  • A transitory filling is then used to close the access point created in the crown of the tooth.
  • The tooth will be strengthened and protected with a dental crown, which the dentist will apply over it after a few days.
  • For checkups to track the tooth’s healing and guarantee the procedure was successful, the patient will need to come back for follow-up appointments.

Reasons That Affect The Rate of Success:  

Several factors can influence the success rate of the treatments. These include:

  • The severity of the problem, the presence of additional complications, and the quality of materials used can all play a role.
  • Additionally, the level of infection or bacteria present in the tooth, the doctor’s expertise, and the patient’s ability to preserve good oral hygiene.
  • The tooth’s supporting structure, its suitability for the treatment, the patient’s overall health and immune system function, and adherence to proper post-operative care are also crucial factors.
  • By taking into account these variables, endodontists can provide patients with the best possible treatment outcomes and preserve their dental health.

Alternatives to Endodontic Procedure:

The typical method for saving a severely decayed or damaged tooth is endodontic therapy. But, in some circumstances, tooth extractions, dental implants, and dental bridges may also be good choices. In contrast to dental implants, which use a false tooth root to support a crown, and dental bridges, which span the spaces left by missing teeth with artificial teeth, dental extractions completely remove the damaged tooth. It is essential to talk with your dentist to choose the best course of action depending on your particular requirements and the seriousness of the tooth problem.


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