Burn Reconstructive Surgery Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Sometimes, unexpected accidents can seriously damage or burn the skin. These mishaps can leave behind negative impacts, not only on your body but also on your mental health as well. Victims of burnt cases can immensely struggle with the aftermath of the undesired outcomes. Not to mention, the downfall of aesthetics that constantly reminds you of the event. If you are somebody who has recovered from physical pain, but the emotional baggage is costing you peace of mind. Do not worry! Today, with the help of advanced cosmetics procedures, we can compensate you respectively. Discover more about the treatment and explore: Burn Reconstructive Surgery Cost In Dubai & Abu Dhabi to claim your confidence.

What Is The Aim Of The Treatment? 

Burn reconstruction surgery is a multifaceted medical intervention designed to restore severely burned portions of the body to their original shape and function. It seeks to reduce scarring, seal wounds, and enhance mobility and attractiveness. This approach not only tackles the physical aspects of burn injuries but also involves psychological assistance and rehabilitation. To treat patients in a tailored and comprehensive manner, plastic surgeons, burn specialists, and other medical professionals work together.


Each of these techniques is chosen based on factors such as the size and location of the burn, the availability of donor sites, and the overall health of the patient. The goal of these procedures is not only to restore physical function but also to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the reconstructed area, ultimately improving the quality of life for individuals recovering from burn injuries.

  • Skin Grafting:

This is one often used method in which a thin layer of skin either autografted from the patient or a donor source, i.e. an allograft or xenograft over the burned area is the procedure. This eliminates scarring, speeds up healing, and covers the incision.

  • Tissue Expansion:

It is for greater burn regions. By gradually stretching the surrounding healthy skin, more skin is created that can be utilized to cover the burned region.

  • Flap Surgery:

It is used when a substantial volume of tissue needs to be replaced. This is moving a portion of skin from one area of the body to the burn site, along with its blood supply.

  • Scar Revision:

Scar tissue may develop when the Burn Reconstructive Surgery Cost in Dubai heals. To enhance the look and functionality of the scars, scar revision techniques like laser therapy or surgical revision might be used.


Here are the various advantages of undergoing this treatment,

  • It is a secure procedure, free from side effects, skin allergies, or any sort of complications.
  • You will experience a sense of tranquility and satisfaction with the surgical outcomes.
  • It delivers enduring and natural results, ensuring a sustained positive impact.
  • See the burned skin completely return to a normal, healthy condition.
  • It contributes to an enhanced level of confidence and self-esteem.
  • You will enjoy yourself as a more attractive and approachable personality.
  • Say goodbye to all the burn scars as they permanently disappear, leaving a transformed clear skin.

Helpful Guidelines:

Getting ready for your upcoming medical procedure involves some important steps. 

  • First off, don’t take aspirin or blood thinners, as they can affect and clot your blood. 
  • Quit smoking for at least a month to help your overall health and recovery.
  • Say no to alcohol and caffeinated drinks, as they can interfere with your recovery.
  • Follow the surgeon’s instructions closely, especially when it comes to taking the prescribed medications on time. Eventually, these safety instructions will help ensure the procedure goes well and you will recover smoothly.

What Is The Cost?

This is a custom-planned treatment, therefore, the cost is going to differ from person to person. Moreover, other factors may also influence the charges, this is why we recommend you consult with the expert beforehand. However, the general value of the treatment ranges between AED 1,999 to AED 4,999. 

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