Buccal Fat Removal Guide Procedure & Aftercare Tips in Dubai Cost

Are you wondering how to get more sculpted look and draw attention to your facial features? Buccal Fat Removal in Dubai might be the answer you’re looking for. With this minimally surgical technique, you can get a more chiselled, thinner appearance by targeting the buccal fat places in your cheeks.

Buccal Fat Removal!

Several candidates aspire to have a facial shape that is well-defined. Buccal Fat Removal Guide: Procedure & Aftercare Tips in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. A way to contour your impression and draw attention to your cheekbones is through the buccal fat removal technique. You can produce a more contoured and thinner face shape by decreasing the size of the fat pockets in your cheeks.

What is the Procedure Like?

Here’s a detailed explanation of what to anticipate throughout the Cosmetic Procedure done at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic:

  1. Have a word with the surgeon: The treatment expert will consult with you before the process. They will evaluate the structure of your face, inquire about your desired cosmetic outcome, and decide if the method is suitable for you.
  2. Anaesthesia: To numb the targeted location on the treatment day, a local anaesthetic will be given. This ensures a painless and comfortable surgical experience.
  3. Incision: A little incision is made in the cheek’s natural crease, inside the mouth. This implies that the external face won’t have any noticeable scarring.
  4. Fat Removal: The tiny cuts created by the surgeon delicately remove the fat pads. To attain the intended degree of fat reduction while preserving the natural facial contours, this stage demands accuracy. 
  5. Closure: Dissolvable sutures are used to seal the wounds after the fat pads are removed. As a result, there is no longer a requirement for suture removal. 
  6. Recovery: After buccal fat removal, there is not much of a recovery period. Within a week, the majority of patients can return to their regular activities; however, bruising and swelling may last for several days.

Aftercare Guidelines:

The candidates must stick to the recommended aftercare guidelines to accelerate healing and get the greatest outcomes. Here are tips to remember:

  • Dental Hygiene: Keeping your mouth clean after removing buccal fat is essential. To avoid infection, rinse your mouth often with a mouthwash that your surgeon has prescribed.
  • Controlling pain: Post-surgery, you can feel a little uncomfortable. You will receive the proper pain medication from your surgeon to help with any discomfort or swelling.
  • Diet: In the initial days, stick to a soft and watery diet. This promotes a painless healing process and lessens the likelihood of strain at the site of the incision.
  • Refrain Intense Activities: After the method, it is necessary to refrain from intense activities and exercise for a few weeks. This lowers the possibility of problems and permits your body to recuperate.
  • Sessions: Attend all of your surgeon’s planned follow-up appointments to track your recovery and discuss any problems.

Define your Contours!

This is a safe and efficient process that can give your face a more contoured look, enhancing its characteristics. You can obtain the best results and enjoy your improved facial structure for years to come by carefully adhering to your surgeon’s instructions and the aftercare advice supplied. 

Nonetheless, to find out if buccal fat removal is the best course of action for you and begin the process of getting the appearance you want, candidates must schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon.

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