Breast Implants Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Deals

Thanks to carefully chosen implants, you can achieve the desired outcome following breast augmentation or eliminating the asymmetry of the mammary glands. The size, form, and naturalness of the breast are all influenced by the endoprosthesis that was installed. What do I need to know before surgery about the characteristics of various types of endoprostheses? Should I intend to replace the implant over time?

The procedure is a highly modern one, and breasts of all sizes and forms can be achieved with the aid of implants. These days, there are numerous types of implants available. The main question is Breast Implants Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What are Breast Implants?

A silicone shell and a filler make up breast endoprostheses, a high-tech item. Their outer layer is so sturdy that a car can pass through it. The implant can then return to its original shape thanks to the gel’s shape memory, which also ensures that the integrity of the shell is not compromised. A unique cohesive gel is used to fill the silicone breast implant. He is responsible for maintaining the breast’s optimum form. This gel has a texture similar to soft marmalade. This increases the safety of using the breast implant by preventing the contents from leaking out, even if the implant’s shell is cut.

How to Choose?

The plastic surgeon will research the following to choose the best choice:

  • The patient’s preferences for the breast’s size and form;
  • Lifestyle and general health;
  • The breasts’ natural size and shape;
  • Whether there is asymmetry and how severe it is;
  • Height, weight, and chest size;
  • Adipose tissue, breast density, and skin thickness.

Mammoplasty is only carried out following a preliminary consultation, during which the patient has the chance to assess the anticipated outcome using specific sizers (demonstration implants of various shapes and sizes).


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Breast Implants Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi can range between AED 19,999 and AED 24,999. Numerous variables will affect the price, which the doctor will decide during the initial appointment.

Factors Affecting Cost:

The following elements have an impact on the price:

Level of Clinic:

The standard of each clinic’s services, the knowledge and training of its doctors, the standards it upholds, its success rate, and the number of certificates it has can all be used to gauge that clinic’s level. A higher-level clinic will therefore promote the higher fees it offers in exchange for the advantages its treatments deliver.

The Expertise of Surgeon:

The success of the procedure depends on the amount of pectoral implant experience a plastic or cosmetic surgeon has. In order to acquire the greatest results with the fewest possible side effects, it is advised to have this surgical treatment carried out by the most qualified cosmetic surgeon. On the other hand, highly qualified cosmetic surgeons typically bill their services at a higher rate than general practitioners.

Reputation of Clinic:

The price may also be influenced by the clinic’s repute. Many clinics go by the name “celebrity clinic,” which directly benefits their reputation because renowned people frequent them and employ their services. As a result, the clinic costs extra because the clientele comes to the same place to have the same fantastic outcomes as their favorite celebrity.

Extra Charges of Clinic:

The cost of the hospital stays, the medications, the cost of the bandages, and the cost of the clothing provided to wear to shape the chest are a few additional factors that contribute to the overall process cost in addition to the cost of the procedure itself. Accessories are necessary and their cost is more than or equivalent to the procedure’s, making them appropriate given the procedure’s increase in cost.

Is it Safe to Use Breast Implants?

Like every surgical procedure, operation-breast augmentation has contraindications and necessitates minimal upfront preparation. During the appointment, the surgeon will go through all the conditions and characteristics of the postoperative phase with you.

At the same time, there are numerous fallacies surrounding the placement of silicone implants. Contrary to popular belief, the endoprosthesis does not require replacement after 5 to 10 years owing to wear. Modern, high-quality breast implants have an unlimited service life. Only if the patient desires to change the size of the breast might replacement be necessary. Additionally, implants do not endanger health.

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