Breast Implants Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE Royal Clinic

Have you ever wondered why some girls, after an increase in the bust, get results that no one can distinguish from a natural increase, while for others the work of a plastic surgeon is visible to the naked eye? When you choose an experienced surgeon and the right kind of implants you can guarantee 90% success. It also determines how much is the Breast Implants Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE.

What are Breast Implants?

These are high-tech products consisting of a silicone shell and a filler. The shell is so strong that you can drive a car through it. In addition to the fact that the integrity of the shell is not violated, the shape memory of the gel allows the Breast Implants to then restore its previous shape. The composition, number of layers, and level of protection differ from brand to brand. Depending on the individual characteristics and wishes of the patient, the plastic surgeon will recommend the most suitable option.

Cost of Breast Implants Dubai:

The Breast Implants Cost in Dubai UAE can range from AED 19,999 to AED 24,999. The cost will be impacted by several factors and will be determined by the doctor at the initial consultation.

Factors Impacting the Cost:

The price is impacted by several factors including:

  • The kind of implant chosen
  • Your surgeon’s qualifications
  • The clinic’s location and level
  • The complexity of the procedure

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What are the Types?

The types are distinguished based on filler:


The major drawback of using implants that are designed to match the shape of a natural breast is that they retain the same shape making them more prone to breakage. These implants solved the problem by using a unique gel that moves with the body’s movement. These are also highly elastic and only require a small incision for placement.


Salt implants are one of the first prostheses that appeared in the work of plastic surgeons. They are strong shells filled with saline. Even when broken, they will not harm the body. Most clinics do not use such prosthetics, as they are considered outdated. But in some cases, these are the best options. Their peculiarity is that they are installed through a small incision and then filled with saline.


The filler is a cohesive silicone gel. The material has long been used in augmentation procedures. these implants are produced with low, medium, and high gel density. The undeniable advantages include the naturalness of tactile sensations and aesthetics. The filler is able to form a beautiful and natural breast contour. If the prosthesis is damaged, the gel does not migrate to other parts of the body.

Quick Tip! Your doctor will suggest the most suitable implant for you. The cost is more or less similar in each case.

How to Choose the Right Option?

To find the right option, the plastic surgeon will analyze:

  • The wishes of the patient in terms of the shape and size of the breast
  • Way of life and general health
  • The natural size of the breast and its shape
  • The presence and severity of asymmetry
  • Chest size, weight, and height
  • Skin thickness, adipose tissue, breast dentistry

It is performed only after a preliminary consultation, at which the patient has the opportunity to evaluate the planned result with the help of special sizes.


Knowing what Types of Implants are, how they differ, what advantages and disadvantages they have, Breast Implants Cost in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE, it is easier to make the right choice. But above all, listen to the advice and recommendations of the plastic surgeon. The specialist of our clinic is always ready to help you and choose a prosthesis that will help you achieve the desired outcomes and correct the shortcomings.