Brazilian Plastic Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah BBL

If you are thinking about altering the shape of your body to fit the ideal standards of beauty you may need to get a butt lift. However, you may be shocked by the cost of this treatment in Europe, the UK, or the US. But when you compare the prices and quality of service in clinics and Brazilian Plastic Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, you will surely agree that it will be by far the most economical and practical way.

Enfield Royal Clinic – Best BBL Clinic in Dubai:

At Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic, from your first visit to achieving your final goal, you will be assisted by the most competent professionals who put your safety first. The most qualified and trained surgeons who work with a highly qualified team will perform your treatment. Cosmetic surgery is a constantly evolving field and requires training and acquaintance with the latest techniques.

The royal clinic offers a very well-planned plan with preliminary consultations, treatment, and follow-ups including:

  • A detailed treatment plan including every step
  • A full discussion about the costs and the desired results
  • Follow up services and initial consultation
  • Modern and effective equipment
  • Trained and experienced professionals

Quick Tip! Price is not the only authentic indicator of quality service; sometimes higher prices are only due to the popularity or brand name.

Brazilian Plastic Surgeon in Dubai:

We have the two most experienced and professional surgeons who will use their expertise to give desired results and outcomes to their clients:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya:

He is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon certified by the Dubai Health Authority as well as the Ministry of Health Dubai. He is one of the most successful surgeons in Dubai who completed his medical training at the University of Damascus and continued his training in the field of Aesthetic and plastic surgery after moving to Dubai.

He has worked in many public and private hospitals and clinics and is a member of the Emirates Plastic Surgery Society and the European College of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery. He is a highly experienced surgeon who has tackled a high number of cases in many cosmetic operations.

Dr. Matt Stefanelli:

He is a renowned plastic and reconstructive aesthetic surgeon who provides quality service to his patients and performs his operations at Royal Clinic. He has a degree in Healthcare Management and a master’s degree in plastic surgery from the French College of Plastic Surgery and the European Council for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery.

He performed numerous surgeries and worked in many state and private clinics. He has performed several types of cosmetic surgery procedures and fine-tuned his techniques for the best results. He has experience in breast, rhinoplasty, natural, special nose aesthetics, non-surgical aesthetics, and plastic surgery.

What Kind of Result can be Obtained?

The result that can be obtained with cosmetic surgery of the buttocks is generally very good and long-lasting, but it cannot be said to be completely permanent because it is subject to the normal aging processes of the body and the effects of gravity.

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Best Clinic of Brazilian Plastic Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Brazilian Plastic Surgeon Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Brazilian Plastic Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


If you are looking for the best Brazilian Plastic Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to get BBL treatment we have the most competent people working at the clinic to help you achieve your desired results. The sagging skin and fat on the butt can reduce the appearance of an attractive shape. To restore it, plastic surgeons perform butt lift surgery to help patients have a smoother contour and achieve desired results.