Brava AFT Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Dubai Cost

Women who have tiny, asymmetrical breasts long for larger, more balanced breasts. Autologous fat transfer is referred to as AFT. Brava AFT Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah is a surgical treatment used to enhance the appearance of the breast. In this procedure, patients can use natural tissue taken from their bodies to get long-lasting breast augmentation outcomes. It functions by moving a significant quantity of fat from one area of the body to the breast to enlarge it. Recent investigations have revealed that the therapy has a high patient satisfaction rate. You can have a flawless physical form, sex, and self-worth without ever having surgery. 

Who are the Candidates for the Treatment?

To assist the surgeon to determine if you are the best candidate for the surgery, you must complete the eligibility requirements before having it done. You would be a great candidate if

  • You are in excellent health and don’t have any allergies, infections, or other significant illnesses.
  • Your breasts lack enough fullness or cleavage, and are flattened, drooping, or extended.
  • You don’t drink or smoke, and you don’t do drugs.
  • You have expectations for the results of AFT breast augmentation that are reasonable.
  • If you want to have this operation, it will be done for you and no one else who wants the alteration.
  • You are older than 18
  • You are not a nursing mother or a pregnant woman.

How Does it Work?

Before having the treatment, you must speak with your practitioner about your anticipated outcomes, any anxieties you may have, and the day and time of the surgery. Fat is taken from the donor region and transplanted to the breast on the day of the procedure. Your hips or thighs may serve as the donor location because they are the areas that are thick and have a lot of fat.

How to Prepare for the Treatment?

You are asked to abide by a few rules before your AFT breast augmentation in order to acquire lasting results and lower your risk of problems. the following instructions;

  • Avoid using cigarettes or drinking alcohol for at least one month prior to the procedure.
  • The use of aspirin supplements, ibuprofen, vitamin E, or other drugs containing any of these is not advised.
  • completed all of your exams

How Does the Procedure Work?

It is an outpatient surgery, and it takes close to two hours to finish. In order to avoid the surgery’s accompanying pain and suffering, it is performed under general anesthetic. The procedures for Brava AFT Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Dubai & Abu Dhabi include the following;

  1. The treatment is started by the surgeon locating the regions that are fat-rich (Usually the donor areas are thighs and hips)
  2. To harvest fat from the donor region, tiny incisions are made there.
  3. The procedure collects fat cells using a liposuction method. A suction pump and a cannula are used in liposuction.
  4. To rid the fat of all contaminants, the removed fat is specifically processed, filtered, and cleansed.
  5. Sutures are subsequently used to seal the created incisions.
  6. The extracted fatty liquid is subsequently administered through injection into the breast.
  7. To produce a uniform breast augmentation, the fat is massaged and sculpted.

How Does the Recovery Work?

Your doctor will decide when you may go home, usually an hour or so later. You are encouraged to routinely take prescribed drugs. Use cold packs if you notice any swelling, bruising, or pain. For at least 4 weeks following the procedure, you are not permitted to sleep on your stomach. Your breast may feel numb, but it will stop within a few days.

The Takeaway

Consider Brava AFT Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah at Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic if you’d want to permanently improve the appearance of your breasts at a reasonable price without having to deal with subpar outcomes.