Botox Injection And Treatment In Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

There are a lot of treatments that make sure to restore skin irregularities like acne, scars, wrinkles, pigmentation, and discoloration but this treatment is new in the field of cosmetology and the safe and effective outcome of this treatment is incredible encounters the linning formed in different areas of the face due to the aging, this is involved in making the skin lining free and provide spotless make your skin look not only beautiful but free of lining and skin folds can be understood by reviewing the science behind the Botox Injection And Treatment In Dubai UAE & Abu Dhabi.

What is Botox?

 This is the surgical treatment botox is an injection consisting of the toxin botulinum aids in reducing or stopping muscular activity these injections stop the nerve signals that induce muscular contraction to overcome wrinkle formation and linnings around the eyes and jaws.

Alternative Treatments:

There are some alternative treatments as well. which can ultimately have the same desired result.

How Does It Work?

This injection has both cosmetic and therapeutic functions it is made from a special kind of unicellular organism that works by blocking the nerve signals when it is injected into the facial region it blocks the signals to the muscles which are responsible for lines making and wrinkles making in this way by stopping the nerve signals to the muscle it eases in relaxing the muscle for some time to make skin smooth and lines free.

Other Functions Of Botox:

It doesn’t provide only cosmetic help it is also found helpful wherever activated muscular contraction needs to stop 

  • In the bladder, it helps to relax the muscle and start urination whenever it is blocked.
  • Whenever the patient has a severe headache this injection is used.
  • Wrinkles and overlapping of skin in the forehead can also be treated with botox.
  • Too much blinking of the eye involuntarily can be calmed down and stopped with the help of a Botox injection.

Benefits Of The Botox:

It has multiple benefits due to its both cosmetic and therapeutic uses.

  • It is a simple noninvasive and less time-consuming procedure
  • Its recovery time is very a person gets back to their normal routine life within days 
  • It helps to regulate many other medical conditions 
  • In moderate to severe headaches it is a good line of choice
  • Due to its quality of muscle relaxation, it is used in different body spasms
  • It helps to reduce under-eye bag linings or wrinkles as well


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Best Clinic of Botox Injection And Treatment In Dubai UAE   Botox Injection And Treatment Dubai UAE   Botox Injection And Treatment In Dubai UAE

Complications Due to Botox:

It does not have many side effects or complications it only causes

  • Information at the site of injection
  • Watery eyes 

How Long Does The Effects Last:

As it is a non-invasive treatment it is not permanent it shows its peak effect within two days which lasts up to 6 months so this procedure needs repetition according to the needs of the individual. As soon as the muscular action regains its activity in next session of botox treatment will be needed.

Suitable Candidate:

Suitable candidates are mainly those who are unsatisfied with their lining or wrinkles or want to go for a nonsurgical treatment with the fastest cure and less recovery time 

Best Time To Get Botox:

The best time to get Botox done is when you have very immature fine linning and want to protect them from getting dark in color, An early linning appearance is the best time to acknowledge because the severity of the damage increases the length of the therapy.

Book An Appointment:

If you want to bring change in facial features by minimizing the lines and wrinkles around the eyes feel free to visit our team of expert dermatologists to understand the process of  Botox Injection And Treatment In Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE by booking the consultation at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Injectables Clinic Dubai.