Botox For Neck Bands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Price

When aging hits, it does not look where it’s going. You notice fine lines forming on your forehead. There are wrinkles around your eyes. And now you are also seeing Neck Bands on your neck. And you think to yourself, that’s it. You are getting old with every passing day. But what if we tell you, there is still a way out? An easy and effective method to pause aging. Botox in Dubai is a versatile treatment that has the solution to your problem. Learn more about; Botox For Neck Bands in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. And say goodbye to neck wrinkles for good.

What Causes Neck Bands?

There are many reasons why the lines appear on your neck. This could be due to aging or constant movement of the muscles. This condition is known as Platysma bands. Our skin is closely draped along the platysma muscles. So when the muscles are constantly moving, they become weak. This causes the natural built-in collagen to slowly disappear. Hence, the situation triggers the consequences of lost volume. The empty spaces inside the skin are the dents on the surface, which we commonly refer to as, Wrinkles or Neck Bands. 

How Are Botox Injections Effective?

Botox is a protein that is designed to plump up the skin. When it is introduced inside the dermis, it relaxes the muscles. This causes new cells to produce and multiply along the way. Which reduces the appearance of the bands that you see on the outer surface of your skin. The end result is tighter and firm-looking skin. It will take less than 30 minutes to complete one session. And the results can last up to 3 to 6 months. A calculated amount of 11 units are inserted per line. But you will need a series of sessions to reach your desired goals. 


Botox For Neck Bands in Dubai Best Botox For Neck Bands in Dubai Botox For Neck Bands Clinic in Abu Dhabi

How Is The Method Performed?

Below is a step-by-step guide to a brief idea about the procedure;

  • The Dermatologist will examine the folds by massaging the area. This is how an expert evaluates dull skin.
  • He/She will start off by cleansing. They are also going to mark a few lines on the surface. This is the guideline for the series of upcoming injections. 
  • The expert applies a numbing cream. This will roughly take a few minutes to settle into the skin.
  • Once the skin is all nice and ready. A precise amount of dose is going to be injected at the superficial layers.
  • The practitioner will pull the skin every time before inserting the needle. And sculpt the area by slowly massaging the region. This action discards the risks of causing lumps.
  • And finally, once you are through the session. The expert will re-clean the region and apply a topical soothing gel to calm down any redness or soreness from the needles.

What Are The Benefits?

There are so many benefits to Best Botox Dubai. Read and find out;

  • The results are almost instant. You will notice a reduction in the downward pull of the jowls. 
  • It creates a tightening and smoothing effect on the lower jaws.
  • There is a visible improvement in the appearance of the previous neck bands.
  • Botox is effective in treating mild skin laxity. It reduces creased and horizontal necklines.
  • It helps to shrink pores’ size and reduces oil production in the skin. 
  • You will notice your double chin slowly fading away. There is also a decrease in the fat glands around your neck area.
  • The skin looks younger and tighter. 
  • It is a non-invasive treatment. And it is a skin-friendly treatment for all. 

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