Blackheads Removal Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Deals

Get Rid of Blackheads Quickly!

The constant use of decorative cosmetics, alcohol-based cleansers, masks, washing with tap water, poor environmental conditions, improper home care led to increased oily skin of the face. The problem of Enlarged pores, blackheads is more typical for combination and oily skin. The best way to get rid of blackheads, excess sebum, smooth out the skin, give the face a healthy look is getting a special Blackheads Removal Treatment in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What are Blackheads?

The blackheads consist of accumulation of sebum, the oily substance produced by the sebaceous glands to nourish and protect the skin, from bacteria and keratin. When these substances collect inside the hair follicles, they block them, forming blackheads.

Results and Benefits:

The procedures are performed without anesthesia and do not cause severe pain or discomfort. The effect after cleaning is excellent:

  • The pores are narrowed, the sebaceous plugs disappear.
  • The number of rashes is reduced.
  • The tone is evened out.


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The Treatments provide several Benefits:

  • It gives a clean, beautiful face with even skin that signifies a well-groomed personality, allowing you to look young and fresh.
  • After cleansing, the skin perceives the subsequent procedures better, be it an alginate mask or contour plastics, laser resurfacing, lifting.
  • The tissues become more elastic, acquire the lost elasticity and tone.
  • Pimples and acne disappear.

Blackheads are usually concentrated in the areas of the body where the sebaceous glands are most present, namely the nose, chin, forehead, and back.

Treatment Options:

Considering the symptoms, the severity of the problem, the beautician will select the type of skin cleanser. Experts at our clinic carry out the following types of face cleansing:


A deep manual cleansing method is aimed at combating rashes, inflammations, and Blackheads Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi on the face. A unique tool is required for manual cleaning, and the expert works by hand. Processing every centimeter of the skin. The extraction done by a professional is better than the ones you can do at home because no damage is done to your skin.

Chemical Peels:

These are typically used to reduce wrinkles and scars, but they can also be effective in dealing with blackheads on the nose. Chemical peels work by applying a solution on the outermost layer to reveal the smoother and healthier skin underneath.

Topical Treatments:

The use of topical drugs can also help with Blackheads Removal. An expert dermatologist must prescribe the medications after a specific medical examination.  


The cosmetologist will prescribe the type of pore cleansing and blackheads removal based on your symptoms. The doctor may also recommend home care products for your skin type to maintain the results. Your doctor might recommend the following after the treatment:

  • It is worth giving up alcohol-based products, masks, and do not wash with untreated tap water.
  • Effective home cleaning is an essential stage of care, and therefore once a week, you need to use scrubs and deep-action masks.
  • The frequency of clinical visits is about once a month, but if there are no problems with the skin, it can be done less often.

Tips to Prevent Blackheads:

Blackheads do not entirely go away unless you take good care of the skin. Follow the following tips to prevent blackheads:

  • Wash your face twice with a mild cleanser
  • Avoid alcohol-based products
  • Give up smoking and alcohol consumption that irritates sebaceous glands and provokes sebum production.
  • Protect skin from UV damage
  • Use matting wipes to remove excess sebum from the face throughout the day


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