Biofibre Hair Transplantation & Restoration in Dubai Cost & Price

Baldness and hair loss can be sources of insecurity. It also causes low self-esteem for many people. Because everyone wishes for a healthy and full head of hair, but they are scared about the outcomes. Luckily, with the latest advancements in hair transplantation technology. It’s now possible to restore a full head of hair and boost your confidence once again. Because hair loss affects people of all ages and genders. Many factors cause hair loss. Including genetics, stress, and medical conditions. But the good news is that now you can restore your natural hair. One such solution is Biofibre Hair Transplantation & Restoration in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. It is an innovative and effective solution for hair loss.

What is Biofibre Hair Transplantation?

It is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure. That uses synthetic hair fibres to create a fuller and thicker head of hair. It is a painless, effective solution for people suffering from hair loss. Unlike traditional hair transplants, which use your hair. In this treatment, the expert will use synthetic hair fibres. That is carefully matched to your natural hair color and texture. The procedure allows for the creation of a custom-made hair system made of fibres. These fibres mimic natural hair and are safe and long-lasting treatments.


The success of Biofibre Hair Transplantation depends on proper preparation. Before the procedure. You need to be informed about the process. What to expect and what you need to do to prepare for the transplant. The following are some essential things to keep in mind:

  • Schedule a consultation with a specialist who is experienced.
  • They will evaluate your scalp and hair and determine its suitability.
  • You will need to undergo a medical evaluation to ensure that you are healthy.
  • Your doctor will also check for medical conditions that might affect your success.
  • If you are taking any medication, you might need to stop taking it.
  • Applicants must avoid using all haircare products.


The Biofibre Hair Transplantation procedure is straightforward. Here is what you can expect during the procedure:

  • Anaesthesia. So, the first step of the procedure is to administer local anaesthesia to numb the area. This helps to reduce discomfort and pain during the procedure.
  • Harvesting of hair: The next step is to harvest hair from the donor area. Which is from the back of the head. The hair is then prepared for transplantation.
  • Transplantation involves implanting the ready hair into the recipient area. Which is the area where you have hair loss. The hair is implanted in such a way that it mimics the natural growth pattern of your hair.
  • Bandaging: So, after the transplant, a bandage will be inserted into the recipient area. It helps protect the transplanted hair.


The aftercare of the treatment is crucial for the success of the procedure. The following are the postoperative care instructions for the treatment:

  • Protect the treatment area: You need to protect the target area from any injury.
  • Avoid activities that put pressure on the treatment area, such as heavy lifting.
  • Avoid washing your hair: Applicants must avoid washing their hair for at least two days. This helps to avoid any damage to the transplanted hair.
  • Pain management: You might experience some pain and discomfort after the procedure. But over-the-counter pain medications can help to manage the pain.
  • Follow-up appointments: You will need to schedule follow-up appointments with your doctor.


Biofibre hair restoration is a less invasive procedure. That offers an uncountable advantage. The following are the most important:

  • The procedure involves the implantation of biofiber hair into the scalp.
  • It leaves less scarring compared to traditional hair transplantation methods.
  • Biofiber hair is made of synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of natural hair.
  • Unlike traditional transplantation, bio-fibre needs less recovery time.
  • It allows patients to resume their normal activities soon.
  • The procedure is less invasive, reducing the risk of complications.
  • The treatment also ensures a more comfortable experience for the patient.
  • The procedure is more affordable than traditional methods.
  • It is a cost-effective option for hair restoration.
  • Biofiber hair can last for several years, providing long-lasting results.

Ideal Candidates:

Individuals who are seeking to restore lost or thinning Ideal hair candidates. If you have stable hair loss, good health. And also have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure. Some factors that may affect candidacy. Include age, health, and the type and severity of hair loss. A consultation with a hair restoration specialist can help determine this. If you are a suitable candidate for a bio-fibre transplant procedure.

Unfit Candidates:

This implant may not be suitable for everyone. So, it is important to discuss your specific needs and goals with a specialist. The following individuals are not suitable for the treatment:

  • Individuals with severe hair loss: Biofiber hair transplants provide a natural-looking hairline. 
  • And may not be an effective solution for individuals with extensive hair loss.
  • Individuals with medical conditions, such as skin disorders or autoimmune diseases. So it may make you a poor candidate for a transplant.
  • Individuals undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy: These treatments can cause hair loss. Which may make it more difficult to achieve the desired results from the transplant.

Adverse Effects:

It is important to discuss your specific needs and goals with the specialist. So they can assess whether a biofiber hair transplant is a good option for you. Biofiber involves the transplantation of synthetic fibres into the scalp. It helps to give the appearance of fuller hair. It has no major adverse effects. But the following are minor:

  • Pain and discomfort during the procedure
  • Temporary swelling and redness at the transplant site.
  • Bruising.
  • Infection.
  • Scarring.
  • Rejection of the fibres.
  • Matting or tangling of the fibres.
  • The uneven hair growth or placement

It is important to discuss potential side effects and any concerns with your surgeon. Before undergoing a biofiber hair transplant.

Is it Painful?

No, the procedure is non-invasive and not painful. Because of the anaesthesia administration, applicants feel no discomfort.

How Long Does it take to see Results?

Results will best appear after the procedure is completed. It shows instant results without causing inconvenience.

Biofibre Hair Transplantation & Restoration in Dubai Best Biofibre Hair Transplantation & Restoration Clinic in Dubai Best Biofibre Hair Transplantation & Restoration in Dubai

Is it Permanent?

No, the bio-fibres are not permanent and must be reapplied every few days. But it depends on the individual and their needs.

Are there any Side Effects?

The procedure shows a lower risk of side effects, but as with any cosmetic procedure. There is a low chance of experiencing redness, itching, or skin irritation.


The cost of a Biofiber Hair Transplant in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can vary. Because it depends on several factors, such as the clinic. The extent of the procedure, the type of biofiber used, and the surgeon’s experience. On average, it ranges from AED 7,000 to AED 20,000 or more. So if you want to know the exact cost, consult with the expert.

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