Bio Revitalization in Dubai

Bio rejuvenation is a type of therapy in which natural processes are manipulated to stimulate the hydration and firmness of the skin. this kind of technique utilizes a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid to achieve the desired results. In this treatment, hyaluronic acid serum along with other nutrients are injected which triggers the natural process of collagen production and cell rejuvenation. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring acid in different parts of the human body and provides them with natural lubrication and hydration. As we grow old, our body produces less amount of Hyaluronic acid resulting in dehydrated skin. The rejuvenating effect of hyaluronic acid feeds the skin’s cell to their core and lead to better fresh and healthy skin. This treatment is a relatively painless and non-invasive method and the results produced are extraordinary. Not only does it help diminish wrinkles and creases but also adds up the volume of the skin.

Get to know about the Bio Revitalization Treatment Cost in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and the factors affecting it by reading the blog post below.

How does the Therapy Work?

To restore the deteriorating collagen and hyaluronan support layer, hyaluronic acid, a gel produced from the natural material hyaluronan, is injected just beneath the skin’s surface. It provides immediate skin support, reducing the appearance of facial lines that are commonly present around the lips and between the eyes, as well as most forms of scars and wrinkles. It is such a straightforward procedure that it can be finished in your doctor’s office, allowing you to resume your daily activities right away.


Depending on the treatment location and the type of injections used, results might last both a long and short time. The patient observes a significant improvement in their skin appearance after the first session of the treatment. After three to four therapy sessions, long-term improvements should start to show.

The injections result in the following outcomes

  • Radiant and hydrated skin
  • Enhanced skin tone
  • Decreased signs of aging
  • Increased elasticity
  • Smooth and moisturized skin

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Insurance Coverage:

The insurance companies cover the price of therapies that directly affect the health of an individual. The treatment of bio revitalization, however, does not have a direct medical impact on the person. This is therefore not usually covered under insurance coverage.


The Bio Revitalization Treatment Cost starts from AED 1,499. This varies for each individual depending on several variables that are mentioned below that affect the total price. The final price of the therapy is decided by the dermatologist after taking a detailed examination of the individual and considering all the other factors affecting it.

Factors Affecting the Price:

The following variables affect the price of the therapy.

Injections used

The type of injections used affects the overall cost of the treatment. This is because the injections with different compositions and their brands have different prices.

Current condition

The dermatologist first analysis the current condition of the individual and then accordingly plans the administration of the injections.

Region to be treated

The size of skin to be treated makes a huge difference in the total price. The greater the area, the more injections will be required to get the desired result thereby increasing the cost.

Number of injections

An increasing number of injections is directly proportional to the total cost of the therapy. As the quantity of solution required increases, their price also increases.

Expected results

The desired results of the injections will determine the course of action taken by the dermatologist. It affects how many injections are to be used, their type, and the sessions required.


The sessions needed also directly impact the total cost. This is because each session is charged differently depending on the current condition and expected results of the therapy.

Experience of the Dermatologist

The expertise, qualification, and experience of the doctor depending on how much they charge for the treatments they offer.


The area where the clinic is located has a great impact on the therapies they offer. This is because in different locations the cost of running a business varies.

Clinical Level

A well-reputed clinic with a high level charges more for their treatments. This is because in clinics with higher levels, the latest technologies and modern techniques are used which increases the price.


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