Best Weight Loss Procedures for Women in 2023 Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

For us, human beings, Losing weight has been a challenge since the very beginning. Weight reduction has been related to the resolution of many diseases and can lead to more social acceptance, increased confidence, and overall health. Advancements in the field of cosmetics and emerging new medical sciences have led to a host of new procedures which can address obesity, weight loss, and overall appearance. These methods have further diversified into surgical, non-surgical (minimally invasive), and even non-invasive options with minimal cost and downtime post-procedure. To learn more about the Best Weight Loss Procedures for Women in 2023 Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, continue reading below. 

Aim of the Procedure:

Weight reduction involves removing excess fat from the body which can be achieved through several different methods, chosen based on their suitability to your particular case. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, any of these methods can prove to be effective, provided it is recommended by a medical specialist in that particular field.


Weight Loss Procedures for Women in 2023 in Dubai Best Weight Loss Procedures for Women in 2023 in Dubai Best Weight Loss Procedures for Women in 2023 Clinic in Dubai

Ideal Candidate:

Unlike the old days, when surgical fat removal and liposuction were the few successful weight loss procedures, a lot of non-invasive techniques have been developed meaning that almost anyone with weight-related issues can seek quick and effective treatment. Apart from these, there are numerous weight loss diet plans and workout routines available, but choosing what is best for you can prove to be very tricky unless you do your research.


If the problem exists in your routine, it can be fairly easy to spot and resolve. For such problems, a strict dietary plan and a complete exercise routine are recommended to solve the problem at its root. But sometimes, genetics and other variables can affect how your body accumulates fat, which are the variables for which people seek medical or cosmetic procedures. Based on their effectiveness and cost, you can easily choose the plan which best caters to your needs.


For a better understanding of each procedure, we’ll divide them into the following categories based on their nature;

  • Non-Invasive Methods:

Techniques such as CoolSculpting and cryolipolysis use special devices which send extreme freezing or high temperatures which damage fat cell structure and the body later gets rid of them through its natural process. These techniques require a short period and no downtime so they are an ideal choice for moderate cases.

There are laser treatments available too which work on the same principle, using concentrated light as a source of heat.

  • Minimally Invasive Procedures:

Kybella and Botox injections are also recommended ways to smooth out the areas with fat deposits and loose skin. Fat-dissolving injections composed of deoxycholic acid are becoming popular too due to their lasting results and ability to reach the stubborn layers of fat which are immune to exercise and diet.

  • Surgical Treatments:

When all else fails, there is always the option of going under the knife and getting liposuction or surgical fat removal treatment. However, it is recommended to seek professional advice before getting these procedures since they have a lot of downtimes and may cause scarring. In addition to these, they might result in scars that take quite a while to heal.


Something that most people tend to ignore post-treatment is that your intake and outtake play a key role in maintaining physical health. Too much or too little nutrition can lead to excess fat or malnutrition respectively, so always stick to your diet plan and remember that there is no substitute for exercise.

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