Best Weight Loss Centre in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

Why Weight Loss?

A great weight loss program will not only enable you to lose weight, but it will also involve a learning process to maintain a healthy weight. Clinics like these operate in almost every city nowadays. However, their methods of work differ significantly, and several questions arise before those who want to gain harmony. If you don’t want to run into charlatans, choose the Best Weight Loss Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Enfield Royal – Best Weight Loss Center in Dubai:

Our weight loss program is a full-fledged integrated approach in all significant areas like therapy to turn around food addiction, it also involves training to compile a satisfying, tasty, and proper diet.

All the treatments will be further enhanced with manual body shaping and encouraging physical activity. The calorie intake can also be systematically and gently restricted. The main goal of the program is not only to achieve harmony but also to maintain it.

Advantages of Royal Clinic:

The benefits of getting the treatment at Royal Clinic involve:

  • The high prestige of doctors is confirmed by their extensive experience
  • The treatments used at the clinic are scientifically proven to be effective and are backed by authentic research
  • Long-term personal support of patients until the result is achieved
  • Step-by-step diagnostics of each patient, careful individual control over the composition of the diet, its calorie content, and the process of weight loss
  • Complex impact and the highest professionalism of clinic specialists certified clinical dietitians, psychotherapists, psychologists, cosmetologists, and rehabilitation specialists work here
  • The ability to eat in accordance with individual tastes, you don’t have to avoid taking food, only its quality is regulated
  • The presence of testimonials from our patients indicates the quality of our work
  • The clinic is equipped with the most advanced and modern equipment

What do we Offer?

Regardless of having a wide range of options for choosing your weight loss clinic, only a small part of them is effective, and even fewer are safe. You must choose consciously and objectively.

We offer the treatment in the following stages:


The initial step of every treatment is to get an accurate diagnosis following a proper examination. The primary examination may include the following:

  • Measurements of body composition using key parameters, percentage of body fat, visceral fat, physical type of a person, and metabolic age.
  • Identification of disturbed eating behavior
  • Primary consultations with doctors, therapists, cosmetologists, or dietitians

At the end of a successful consultation with your doctor, you will have an understanding of exactly how your body functions, what problem points there are, and what psychological and somatic reasons led to weight gain.

Treatment Plan for weight loss:

Based on the initial consultation and information gathered at the diagnostic stage your doctor and dietitian will devise a treatment strategy considering the state of your body. Moreover, You receive an individual overweight treatment plan and medical support.

Medical Treatment and Rehabilitation:

Each patient receives an individual program for the treatment of concomitant diseases and a set of rehabilitation measures to restore the body.

Our experts will suggest which weight loss surgery or procedure will be appropriate. In addition, will have to go through several doctor visits, dietitian consultations, and finally, a body contouring, slimming, or skin rejuvenation procedure.

You can also use ready-made programs developed by our doctors for patients.

What Results can you Achieve?

Lastly, You will regain flexibility and mobility, you will feel a significant health improvement, the body will become more toned, and the skin will become smooth.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We will not change your life; you will do it yourself by choosing Enfield Royal Clinic!

You will be fully examined to determine the cause of your weight gain. Highly qualified doctors will work with you. An individual and the Best Weight Loss Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah will be developed for you. Your progress will be monitored, and adjustments will be made to your program as needed. You will be helped not only to achieve a certain result but also to consolidate it. Your health will not suffer, but on the contrary, it will improve; in the weight management clinic, you will be taught to lead a correct, healthy lifestyle.