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Amazing looks are the key to appraisals. Everyone is beautiful. Having a better aesthetic appearance is a gift from God but those who are not satisfied with their looks can opt for plastic reconstructive or cosmetic surgeries with the leading and the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya with 25+ years of experience and currently helping people out by serving at Enfield Royal Clinic in Dubai.

What is Plastic Surgery?

It’s a typical misconception that the word plastic implies fake plastic procedures done in medical sciences. The word comes from the old Greek which means to shape or give structure. It is a careful specialty engaged with both the improvement in an individual’s appearance and the reproduction of facial and body tissue deserts brought about by sickness, injury, or birth problems.

It reestablishes and further develops a capability, as well as appearance. It can include a medical procedure on any piece of the life structures, with the exception of the focal sensory system, including:

  • Skin, including skin disease, scars, consumption, pigmentations, and tattoo expulsion
  • Maxillofacial
  • Inborn irregularities, including twisted ears, congenital fissure, and congenital fissure


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  • Corrective (likewise called cosmetic) techniques modify a piece of the body that the individual isn’t happy with. Normal restorative strategies incorporate making the bosoms bigger or more modest, reshaping the nose, and eliminating pockets of fat from explicit spots on the body (liposuction). 
  • Reconstructive methods right imperfections on the face or body. These incorporate actual birth surrenders like congenital fissures and palates and ear disfigurements, horrendous wounds like those from canine chomps or consumes, or the consequence of illness therapies like reconstructing a lady’s bosom after a medical procedure for bosom malignant growth.

Who are Plastic Surgeons?

Plastic specialists fix wounds and inborn surrenders influencing appearance or capability. They utilize reconstructive and corrective methods to reestablish regions affected by significant diseases like a malignant growth. They likewise carry out strategies to improve actual highlights for stylish reasons.

  • Pediatric-Treats diseases, injury, and consumes, in addition to other things.
  • Breast-Provide bosom medical procedures like the reproduction of the bosoms.
  • General-Treat wounds, scar modifications, and restitutions.
  • Injuries-Performed scar and consume a medical procedure.
  • Restorative-Provides plastic medical procedure administrations to work on an individual’s facial highlights and look.
  • Aesthetic-spend significant time in changing an individual’s looks or outward presentation.

Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is one of the most expert and leading Plastic Surgeons in Dubai offering his valuable services at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic and opening a new world of cosmetic surgeries to have a better you. The most astonishing thing about Dr. Majeed is his working attitude. He tries to build up the lost confidence of people through his work by providing the exact results they expected for. 

When talking about his work experience so it is not wrong to say that he is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with a vast experience of 25+ years in this field of dermatology. At last, the notch point is he does not charge for consultation because he prefers to spread awareness for free to let the clients get more at less cost. So you can have a consultation with Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya for free.

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