Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai for Breast Augmentation Breast Surgery

The cosmetics surgery market is worth billions of dollars and the demand for aesthetic interventions and treatments is growing, and breast augmentation remains in pole position. Aesthetic surgery is one of those sectors that does not seem to know a crisis, and that travels at full speed hand in hand with the need for beauty that closely affects modern society. At Enfield Royal Clinic, you will meet Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya, one of the UAE’s Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai for Breast Augmentation, a professional expert in mammoplasty with studies in Syria and certifications in Dubai.

How to Choose your Plastic Surgeon?

Any plastic surgery treatment must find the right doctor for treatment, and the decision should not be made in a hurry. You need to find a successful doctor who can trust your health. Therefore, a thorough study is required to select the right option. It is essential to be examined by an experienced doctor to get an appropriate suggestion. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Pick a reliable clinic with comfortable conditions and modern equipment
  • Read reviews
  • Ask for the doctor’s portfolio
  • Authenticate the education, qualifications, and specializations
  • Learn about the work experience and evaluate other markers of professional experience.

Dubai’s Best Plastic Surgeon:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is an aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon having extensive experience in the field. He is a veteran plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of breast augmentation surgeries. He holds a great passion for learning and employing new and innovative treatment techniques.

He is the Best Plastic Surgeon in Dubai for Breast Augmentation having expertise in breast augmentation with implants. The results obtained with the surgery are usually highly appreciated by patients because of the great experience with Dr. Makkiya, which is always natural and harmonious.

Criteria for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon:

Before choosing the best doctor for treatment, the following should be considered:

Doctor’s Expertise:

When looking for a doctor to perform an aesthetic treatment, the most crucial part is to check the doctor’s experience and the types of surgeries they are accustomed to performing. This allows patients to learn if the doctor has any experience performing the surgery you are looking to get. The more your doctor knows about a condition or procedure, the better the results.


Another important part before your first visit to the doctor is to check their credentials. Doctors usually list their credentials and certifications on their websites. You can also check the medical board certifications, which means that they are certified by the medical and health boards of the countries in which they operate.


The dermatologist’s clinic should be equipped with the most modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment. The current and well-equipped clinic proves the professionalism and ability of the doctor.

Prices And Reviews:

The best way to find a good doctor is to study patients’ reviews and ratings carefully. With the development of technology and the media, this is no longer a difficult task. You can easily find reviews and ratings online, along with their reviews, licenses, and credentials. Getting a personal consultation from a relative, friend or colleague is the best way to get reliable information about a doctor.


The doctor’s experience is significant; like most patients and clients at any given time, this is a testament to how good a doctor is. You can ask your doctor how many patients he sees each month.

Gender Preferences:

Let’s just say you want to feel more comfortable with your Surgeon. In this case, you can choose according to your gender preferences what is suitable for you and your doctor, and you can more comfortably share your concerns with your specialist.

Quick Tip! Before choosing the surgeon, consider the experience of the doctor, the cost of services, and reviews.

Free Initial Consultation:

The most exciting sign of a capable doctor is that he will not ask for any payment before the treatment. The initial consultation with the doctor will be completely free, and the doctor will not perform the treatment unless they deem it appropriate and necessary.

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