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Any visit to the doctor can be a stressful situation, and in the ob./GYN’s office a woman feels defenseless: You have to get naked in front of a stranger, answer personal questions, and you might feel uncomfortable during the examination. If the doctor in this specialty is a man, the patient may feel more fear and shame. How to approach a patient and what to do for those who are anxious before an appointment, according to a gynecologist and reproductive specialist. However, it is more proper to look for the greatest physician for your particular ailment, as you will discover the Best Male Gynecologist in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah UAE.

How to Find the Best Doctor?

It’s important to find the best doctor for you, but you shouldn’t rush the process. You need to choose a successful doctor you can entrust with your health. To choose the best solution, an extensive study must be done. Make sure that you must be examined by a gynecologist for any problem related to your private hygiene and health.


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Dubai’s Best Gynecologist:

Dr. Rashad G. Haddad, a member of the French College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and a French Board-certified physician, started his medical career in academic hospitals in Paris and rose through the ranks to become an outstanding professor while running a private practice there.

The Best Male Gynecologist in Dubai, UAE is Dr. Rashad Haddad. His new subject teaching initiatives span the globe, including conferences in the US and Central America and locations as diverse as Australia, the Far East, the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

For practical and competent treatment of female sexuality difficulties combined with aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, a good position in his practice is reserved.

Eligibility for Choosing the Doctor:

You must take the following factors into account before picking the finest doctor for treatment:

Experience of the Doctor:

The most crucial factor to consider when choosing a doctor to treat any problem is evaluating the doctor’s experience and the types of diseases he has treated in the past. It enables the patients to identify particular sexual and reproductive issues. The more information your doctor has about a problem or treatment, the better your outcomes will be.


Verifying credentials is another important step before your initial appointment with a doctor. On their websites, doctors often disclose their licenses and credentials. You can also look for a medical board’s certification, which verifies that a person has been approved by the regulatory bodies for both health and medicine in the nation in which they are employed.


A doctor’s work history is crucial; the number of patients and clients they have at any given moment is a sign of how skilled they are. You might inquire with the doctor about his monthly patient load.

Advantages of Men in this Profession:

A unique science, the art of psychology, and the culture of speech go into doctor-patient communication. Men typically ask inquiries and make statements that are shorter and more to the point, ask questions that are more sensitive and delicate, and discuss the issue. In actual practice, men are less likely to stutter excessively, be impolite, or be overly familiar with their patients than women gynecologists. Men construct their work more clearly; they complete less paperwork, spend more time with patients, are more honest about health issues, and produce realistic drawings.

By the way, compare the wait times at the clinic locations where male gynecologists work; they frequently take significantly longer than those for female doctors. Male doctors typically have more free time for their scientific and professional pursuits. Usually, a woman finds it more difficult to talk to a doctor of the opposite sex during her first visit because she is stiff and has trouble communicating.

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