Best HydraFacial Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Price & Cost

Use a HydraFacial for skin that is healthy, smooth, and radiant. Try out this brand-new generation of four treatments with a strong anti-aging care system!

By micro-exfoliating the skin with a specialized suction nozzle, the HydraFacial procedure rids the skin of dead skin cells and dark spots. This skin care also assists in removing extra oil from the skin while balancing the amount of sebum in the skin. The skin and cells need to be adequately hydrated if they are to seem radiant, luminous, healthy, and beautiful. Using products that are inappropriate for your skin type to moisturize it and make it appear healthy on the advice of a friend or the basis of hearsay occasionally causes more harm than good. For healthy, youthful-looking skin, we’ve got the Best HydraFacial Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Are the Areas of HydraFacial Treatment?

  • Care for Deep Skin
  • The process of treating enlarged and blocked pores
  • Regulating the levels of sebum in oily skin
  • How to treat acne
  • Hydrating parched skin
  • Treatment for wrinkles and fine lines
  • Quick processing
  • Differences in skin tones
  • Skin firming


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Who is The Suitable Candidate?

Anyone who needs deep cleansing of their skin and has dull skin, dark spots, rosacea, acne, or blackheads is a good candidate for a HydraFacial in Dubai. This facial is typically not advised by doctors for patients with sensitive skin, active acne, or active rashes. If you want to know if this facial is good for you, speak with your dermatologist immediately.

What Are the Steps for Applying HydraFacial?

Best HydraFacial Center in Dubai can provide you with the following treatment:

Cleaning and peeling: Using a vacuum machine, the skin is first thoroughly cleaned. Then, fluids and a suction system are used to peel normal skin. On damaged skin with acne scars and porous skin, unique diamond-shaped caps are utilized to prevent irritation.

Serum: Human needs-appropriate serums are employed. Blackheads, fine wrinkles, and dry skin are treated with hyaluronic acid-based serums, whereas swollen and excessively oily skin is treated with oil-balancing serums.

Hydration: Hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, and moisturizing solutions are applied to the skin.

LED Treatment: Blue light is used to clear pores and eliminate acne-causing germs on skin that is prone to breakouts. Red light is utilized to activate and resynthesize collagen fibers and tighten skin on skin with fine creases.

Why Should You Get This Treatment?

Skincare is crucial. Even cosmetics don’t make the skin appear lifeless. With just one facial, you can only deeply wash your skin. This facial is what you all need to make your skin look youthful, beautiful, and lively. In comparison to other facial treatments, including those that use laser resurfacing or conventional home remedies, HydraFacial is an all-in-one facial that delivers fast results.


The treatment offers the following advantages:

  • Profound impact on all skin layers
  • The procedure’s speed – the basic operation takes 30 minutes.
  • Effortless, with no need for recovery
  • Suited for any skin type, even the most delicate
  • Suitable for all seasons and ages
  • Obvious outcome following the initial operation
  • The elimination of many aesthetic issues
  • Combination with other techniques possible
  • Individual approach refers to the choice between different techniques for each patient based on their unique traits and needs.
  • Work with the body and face.

How Long Does It Last?

Results may persist longer than three to six weeks. It is advised to perform this facial treatment one or two days before the occasion for the skin to settle in with the newly restored, revitalizing impact. It is advised to receive this facial every month for more beautiful skin.

Why Choose Us?

The Best HydraFacial Center in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is at Enfield Royal Skincare Treatments Clinic. We are the source of skincare products. Our HydraFacial stands out from the competition because of our use of tried-and-true methods, cutting-edge technology, first-rate services, and amazing outcomes. With our innovative technologies and moral standards, we have helped thousands of patients over the previous ten years.