Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost

In the early 2000s, hair transplantation began to gain popularity, and the concept of private transplant centers emerged. These centers are generally set up as part of cosmetic surgery clinics. To achieve the perfect results with your hair surgeries, you need to choose the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

How to Pick the Right Option?

Choosing the right clinic is one of the most critical stages for patients considering surgery, and they must be patient in their research. There are some essential points to keep in mind as you research the topic:

  • Try to learn the clinic’s history and find out how long they have been running.
  • Ask to see the results of previous cases. You can get an idea of the results you can get by looking at the before and after pictures of the surgeon’s previous work.
  • Get detailed information about who is performing the surgery, what stages the doctor will be involved in, and what experience, training, and qualifications the staff have.
  • An adequately accredited clinic will provide you with reliable information and all the necessary documents and share their work results without any reservations.
  • Try to choose a place where you can get support at all stages of the process.

Enfield Royal – Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai:

Enfield Royal Hair Clinic offers the most premium services to its clients. The clinic hires only highly professional and qualified surgeons who have years of experience in performing the surgeries employing the most modern and effective methods.

The clinic does not just provide quality service performed by experts and offers a quiet, comfortable, and safe environment. Our client’s privacy and dignity are one of our topmost priorities. We ensure that every one of our patients receives quality care and personal attention.

We Deliver What We Promise:

Most clinics will promise results that they are unable to deliver, but one rule you must keep in mind is that no acclaimed center will ever do a large-scale hair removal from the donor site. This kind of treatment will result in a bad outcome and also a damaged donor site.

At Royal Clinic, we never make exaggerated promises and try to deliver what we promised effectively.

Furthermore, you must not get attracted by lower prices either. Our clinic only offers treatments at prices that are required to deliver promising results.  

What Makes us Different?

The following qualities make the clinic the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah:

Modern diagnostics: We only use technical equipment for accurate diagnosis of the body.

Highly qualified specialists: Our clinic’s staff only includes highly skilled specialists.

Quality care: Each patient gets the proper attention from the doctor and the staff. An individual treatment plan is selected for each patient.

Comprehensive treatment: All doctor’s appointments will ensure proper examination and evaluation of the patient’s condition.

Who is Qualified to Perform the Transplant?

While considering the treatment, you must choose a doctor with the right qualifications, and he must be trained in cosmetic surgery with additional training in hair aesthetics. He must hold relevant experience as well. Try to look at the reviews the doctor got online to see his results.

The doctor must be able to give patients safe and effective treatment. If you feel like your doctor does not have the right qualifications, you must try to find someone with the proper credentials.

Why Choose Us?

Our clinic is one of the Best Hair Transplant Center in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah, and our doctors are highly qualified specialists in their fields. The priority of our specialists is to preserve their health and provide comfortable conditions for treatment. Only effective techniques and modern equipment are used in our clinic. All consultations and interventions are carried out in compliance with the sanitary and hygienic requirements. We can also provide assurance of strict anonymity for all patients who come to our clinic.