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The benign enlargement of breast tissue in men with an imbalance in testosterone and estrogen hormones. As a result of this discomfort, breast size in men can increase to an uncomfortable level. Sometimes it occurs as a side effect of a disease or a drug used, and sometimes it can be due to a natural hormone imbalance. The problem of drug or disease-induced gynecomastia may resolve spontaneously when the conditions disappear. But if you need to get it surgically corrected, get in touch with the Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What is Gynecomastia?

It is the enlargement or abnormal growth of breast tissue in men, it is more common in younger men and is usually painless. This may be more painful in some cases. Moreover, in many cases, only one breast can be affected by this problem. This painless condition is seen as more severe in some cases, and in many cases, only one breast is affected by this condition, while in some cases both breasts may be affected.

How is It Diagnosed?

When looking at how the problem is diagnosed, it is necessary to consult a doctor as a priority for diagnosis. Along with the physical examination, the doctor may ask you about your family and health history, and you should tell the doctor about the symptoms observed during this process. The clearer information you give about how it is diagnosed, the better the treatment process can be. Beyond the diagnosis, the cause should be known.

There is no continuous breast enlargement associated with it. Although it is very rare, breast cancer occurs in men, and a hard nodule in the chest area in men can cause breast cancer.

There are situations that patients should pay attention to before and after the surgery. Before any kind of intervention, people should follow the advice given by the doctors. You can get the most accurate information from your doctor for the conditions to be done before and after the surgery.

What Treatment is Used?

Mastectomy surgery is more commonly known as a surgical procedure applied to women. However, it is also preferred for the growth of breast tissue in men, breast cancer, or tissue formation in the area. The operation is performed with general or local anesthesia according to your doctor’s preference. The tissues in the area are removed with a half-circle incision made under the breast. Unlike fat removal operations, all tissue is removed, and a clean operation is performed

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai:

Dr. Abdul Majeed Makkiya is a board-certified cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon with vast expertise. He is a seasoned plastic surgeon with hundreds of breast augmentation operations under his belt. He has a strong desire to learn and use new and novel therapy methods.

He is the Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and has extensive experience with breast augmentation and reduction. Because of their positive experience with Dr. Makkiya, who is always natural and harmonic, patients are typically very pleased with the operation outcomes.

Criteria for Choosing a Plastic Surgeon:

Before choosing the best doctor for treatment, the following should be considered:

Experience of Doctor:

When searching for a doctor to do an aesthetic procedure, the most important factor to consider is the doctor’s experience and the sorts of procedures they have performed previously. This helps people to find out if the doctor has any prior experience doing the procedure they want. The more information your doctor has about a problem or procedure, the better.


Checking their qualifications is very vital before your initial visit to the doctor. Doctors’ credentials and certificates are frequently listed on their websites. You may also look at their medical board credentials, which imply they’ve been approved by the medical and health authorities in the nations where they do business.

Gender Preference:

Let’s assume you’d like to be more at ease with your surgeon. In this situation, you may select what is appropriate for you and your doctor based on your gender preferences, and you can more readily communicate your worries with your expert.

Free Appointment:

The most enticing indicator of a qualified doctor is that he will not want payment before beginning therapy. The doctor’s initial consultation will be absolutely free, and the treatment will only be performed if the doctor believes it is suitable and necessary.

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