Best General Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Cost & Price

In the event of diseases and pathologies that conservative treatment cannot cope with, resort to the use of methods of surgical intervention by a surgeon. A surgeon is a specialist whose main field of activity includes performing surgery and diagnosing and treating various injuries. Moreover, diseases of patients in medical institutions. Equally important, Surgeons are engaged not only in the treatment of people but in the treatment of animals. Surgeons also include dentists and podologists. It is essential to find the Best General Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah for your treatment. 

Why Do You Need to Go to a General Surgeon?

The branch of surgery is quite extensive. The doctor has deep knowledge, and skills and works with all parts of the human body: the torso, head, and limbs. He also performs surgery and operations on internal organs. Moreover,  digestive organs, skin, organs of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory and genitourinary systems, sensory organs, and glands.

When making an appointment with a surgeon at a polyclinic or with a referral from another specialist, the patient gets an appointment with general surgeons who perform a large number of operations with the help of special instruments and consultations.

At the appointment, the surgeon collects an anamnesis of the patient’s complaints, and additional information and conducts an initial examination. If necessary, the patient is referred for additional studies and diagnostics. Moreover, ultrasound, MRI, CT, X-ray, and laboratory tests.

  1. The surgeon will refer the patient for a consultation, and clarification of the diagnosis. Furthermore, treatment to a narrower specialist, for example, an orthopedist, traumatologist, or neurosurgeon.
  2. The doctor will prescribe medications, physiotherapy, massages, therapeutic creams, ointments, etc.
  3. And then, If an operation is necessary, the doctor will issue a referral for hospitalization and give recommendations for preparation.

What does a General Surgeon do?

General surgery is a branch of surgery focused on the study, diagnosis, and surgical treatment of pathologies of the abdominal organs, hernias, and diseases of soft tissues, skin, and subcutaneous tissue.

And a surgeon is engaged in the treatment of acute and chronic diseases, as well as operations and surgical intervention in the event of a patient getting into a catastrophe or accident.

Surgery is one of the oldest branches of medicine. But, This profession is in demand to this day. There are many specializations and directions in surgery. Consider some types:

Prosthetic Surgery:

First, the installation of modern prostheses to replace damaged or lost parts of the body

Ophthalmic Surgery:

the restoration of vision through surgery


treatment of diseases of the nervous system


a transplantologist is engaged in the transplantation of real and artificially created organs

Cardiac Surgery:

a cardiac surgeon specializes in operations of the cardiovascular system, for example, in case of myocardial infarction or other heart diseases

Maxillofacial Surgery:

operations are performed in the jaw, oral cavity, face, and head

Oncological Surgery:

An oncologist surgeon deals with the removal of malignant and benign tumors

Gynecological Surgery:

Equally important, Surgery in obstetrics and gynecology is associated with the treatment of diseases of the female reproductive system, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum recovery

Andrological and Urological Surgery:

It is associated with the surgical treatment of diseases of the male reproductive and genitourinary systems

Vascular Surgeon:

treatment of diseases and performing complex operations related to blood and lymphatic vessels, therefore, must possess various skills and techniques for stitching damaged vessels

Pediatric Surgeon:

Moreover, performs surgical intervention on children

Thoracic Surgeon:

specializes in the treatment of diseases of the chest

Abdominal Surgeon:

studies the treatment of diseases of the abdominal cavity with surgical techniques

Plastic Surgery:

Lastly, the restoration of the shape, and functions of organs and tissues of the body and their correction

Why get General Surgeon at Enfield Royal Clinic?

So, General surgical operations at Enfield Royal Weight Loss Clinic are carried out using the latest equipment. We offer our patients a full range of laboratory and instrumental diagnostic studies required at the preoperative and postoperative stages. In addition,  from rapid blood tests to needle biopsy with point navigation and digital fluoroscopy. Furthermore, they are necessary to establish an accurate diagnosis, determine contraindications for surgery and assess the general health of the patient.

Minor surgical interventions indicated for benign neoplasms of soft tissues and injuries are performed on an outpatient basis. And then, under local anesthesia or, at the request of the patient, under general anesthesia.

Depending on the clinical situation, in diseases of the abdominal cavity, soft tissues, and skin appendages, injuries, and burns, our surgeons perform planned and emergency surgical interventions on the basis of a partner hospital equipped with the necessary equipment.

At Royal Clinic, the Best General Surgeons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah have extensive practical experience, use a multidisciplinary approach when working with complex diagnoses, and provide full support to the patient at all stages of treatment. And, Repeated operations are carried out to correct the shortcomings of general surgical operations performed in another medical institution.

Lastly, Sedation during diagnostic studies, premedication, and general anesthesia during operations. Finally, observation after anesthesia and in the early postoperative period are provided by our anesthesiologists.