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Facial plastic surgery is a method of transforming your facial appearance and getting a fresh look. The task of a facial plastic surgeon is to eliminate any substantial defects and recreate the facial features you are not satisfied with. The causes of imperfections can be congenital or traumatizing. It is a matter of your face, and you must choose the Best Facial Plastic Surgery In Dubai & Abu Dhabi to give you the most effective treatment. 

Who Is A Plastic Surgeon?

The specialist carries out surgical interventions, eliminating defects in the human body, by restoring the functions and increasing the aesthetic appeal of the face. They are engaged in carrying out operations necessary to correct the patient’s appearance according to one’s desired aesthetic goals. The board-certified practitioners perform reconstructive surgeries to improve the appearance and implement required changes due to a sudden injury or accident.

How Does It Work?

It works by altering the tissues. This is an artistic way of changing the shape of the face. This technique requires a lot of expertise and experience. The results are outstanding if done by professionals. It generally works by lifting the skin and tightening the tissues and muscles. Fat in the neck and face may be sculpted, removed, or moved. Excess skin is removed, and the wounds are stitched together so that when the healing process takes place. The newly modified skin remains in the desired position to provide the best result needed for facial surgery.

Best Facial Plastic Surgeon In Dubai:

Dr. Matt S. Stefanelli is a board-certified facial Plastic Surgeon In Dubai. He has been performing facial plastic surgery for years at well-known Clinics. He is a member of the French College of Plastic Surgery, and the European Council for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. He has an MBA in healthcare management, which gave him a good understanding of the management and economics of healthcare providers.


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What Facial Aesthetics Are Correct?

  • Face and neck,
  • Eyebrow lift,
  • Nose aesthetics,
  • Lip aesthetics,
  • Cheekbone and jaw.

Aim Of The Surgeries:

These are performed to improve one’s appearance. In this case, one can stop not only old age and feel young, but also correct congenital flaws in appearance, thereby feeling more confident. One of the most frequently used operations of this type is liposuction, which, depending on the indications and prescriptions of the doctor, is used for respective desired aesthetics. 

Who Are Ideal Candidates?

Plastic surgery is the best option for those who are willing to make changes to their face shape. People who are facing jaw problems, burnt skin, displacement of a nasal bone, or other aesthetic concerns are advised to reach out for a consultation. The expert will take a good look into the matter, design a respective treatment plan, and sign you up for the procedure. 

How Is The Process Carried Out?

Facial plastic surgery is a skill-based technique which includes the following stages:

  • First of all, the face is gently disinfected to eliminate any impurities from interfering with the surgical changes. 
  • Then a required dosage of anesthesia is injected into the region under care. This is to allow a painless procedure. 
  • After that, the areas are marked where the changes are to be made.
  • The specialist starts the operative measures by making small cuts into the skin to gain access to the inside. The skin is modified and tissues are altered accordingly.
  • When all the changes are made, the specialist stitches close the wounds and wraps medical dressings. 
  • Candidates are transferred to the recovery room where further health monitoring is performed until they are all better to be sent home.
  • We will register you for additional appointments to track your healing progress. Some mandatory instructions are provided to be followed at home. 
  • Or you may sign up for our at-home services to be well taken care of under the supervision of our board-certified healthcare providers. 

What Are The Benefits We Get?

It is a long-lasting solution for those who are willing to alter their face shape. Some of the best benefits are given below:

  • Firstly, it enhances facial image and boosts confidence.
  • For jaw surgery, it helps restore lost functions like eating solid food.
  • Improves face shape and provides extensions of prominence to the features.
  • It is permanent, so there is no need to book extra sessions.
  • It provides a natural appearance to the face by rejuvenating the facial profile. 

What Are Aftercare Guidelines? 

One should follow some specific guidelines after the treatment. It is important to take preventive measures after the surgery to avoid any casualties.

  • Lots of rest; avoid lifting heavy objects.
  • Change the surgical dressing regularly to avoid infections or allergies.
  • Eating a specific diet includes mainly soft foods.
  • Stay at home until a complete recovery has taken place.
  • Showers must be avoided for a few weeks.
  • Do not have direct contact with sunlight.  
  • Refrain from visiting hot or humid places like the kitchen, spas, or saunas. 

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