Best Facelift Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah Royal Clinic

Cosmetic surgeons have anticipated facelifts as the 2nd most famous Cosmetic medical procedure after Rhinoplasty and Eyelid treatment in Dubai. Dissimilar to derma fillers or Botox, it upholds super durable changes that are profoundly valued. But it is advised to have this treatment done by an expert. Enfield royal Clinic provides the Best Facelift Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

What Facelifting is?

Through medical science strategies, it is feasible to recover an energetic appearance and look as new and youthful outwardly as you feel within. Numerous people go to a facelift or potentially a neck lift technique to recover their certainty and energetic appearance. A rhytidectomy, all the more normally known as a ‘facelift’, is a medical procedure that eliminates the kinks from your face and straightens out your skin to dial back the indications of maturing.

During a facelift, the specialist first makes a disguised cut behind the hairline and isolates the skin from the hidden muscles and tissue. Subsequent to fixing the facial muscles to work on the form of the face, he stretches and repositions the skin to make it fit the face all the more intently and to smooth away kinks. At last, the overabundance of skin from the face is managed at the entry point site and the cut is shut.

Best Clinic of Facelift Surgeon Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Clinic of Facelift Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Best Facelift Surgeon Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Facelift Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Facelift Surgeon Dubai & Abu Dhabi   Facelift Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Best Surgeon:

When finding the Best Facelift Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah few things are needed to have in consideration. Such as:

  • The level of the clinic where the surgeon is going to perform the procedure.
  • The expertise and keen knowledge of the surgeon in the procedure.
  • Type of technique he or she used for the treatment.
  • Cost of the treatment all over the area and the cost charged by the surgeon.
  • Educational background of the surgeon.

Dr. Abdul Majeeb Makhiya is the Best Facelift Surgeon in Dubai and it will not be false to say that he is the best surgeon in the world with a vast range of 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery. With a sharp eye and completely comprehending he knows how fundamental great looks are to us. Notwithstanding that, he constantly extends corrective and reconstructive medical procedure information and further develops his self-improvement abilities to keep functioning as a guide for youth with incapacities. 

He is currently an active member of the following:

  • WAOCS 
  • M.S.F.
  • P.A.B.P.S.
  • I.P.R.A.S.
  • F.I.C.M.S
  • E.C.A.M.S
  • E.P.S.S

Being a cosmetic surgeon along with Facelift he is indeed well known for the following services provided at Enfield Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic with great zeal and delicacy to get astonishing results:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • buccal fat removal
  • Liposuction
  • gynecomastia
  • Breast lift
  • Buttock augmentation
  • eyelid surgery
  • Abdominoplasty
  • Botox.

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