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If you’ve ever noticed a discoloration of the epidermis with irregular and light spots on the skin which are permanent and do not go away on their own, it is due to a pathology called vitiligo. It can be localized anywhere on the body, arms, legs, face, torso, scalp, or even mouth. And also, it is impossible to predict its localization and the color of the skin is lost without any pattern or logic. These issues must be addressed in a timely manner by the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Vitiligo.

How to Choose your Dermatologist?

Finding the correct doctor to treat you is critical, and you should not make this decision hastily. You must choose a successful doctor who you can entrust your health too. As a result, a significant investigation is required to select the most suitable option. It is essential that you choose the right doctor for your treatment so that the diagnosis and the treatment are both properly done.  

Dubai’s Best Dermatologist:

Dr. Antoine Ghanem has over ten years of experience as a dermatologist. To obtain the finest results, he is passionate about merging novel and effective therapeutic procedures. He is particularly interested in learning and research, which enables him to provide the best possible care to his patients.

He is the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Vitiligo, specializing in the treatment of all skin disorders. He is trilingual and has worked in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. With his significant experience, he can accurately diagnose and treat the patient.

Quick Tip! Discuss all your symptoms and signs of disease with your doctor in detail and do not leave anything out.

Best Dermatologist Dubai for Vitiligo   Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Vitiligo   Best Clinic of Dermatologist Dubai for Vitiligo

Best Clinic of Dermatologist in Dubai for Vitiligo   Best Dermatologist Dubai for Vitiligo   Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Vitiligo


Criteria for Choosing the Doctor:

To choose the most suitable doctor consider the following things:

Physician’s Experience:

In your search for a suitable doctor to treat your condition the most impactful part should be the expertise and experience of the doctor. Also, it is essential to find out what kind of diseases the doctor is used to treating. This is important because the more your doctor knows about a condition or procedure, the better your results would be.


Another essential part before picking the doctor for the first time is to verify what certifications and credentials your doctor has. These are often listed on their websites or on the websites of clinics that they work for. Also, check if the doctor has medical board certifications for the specific countries, they are working in.


The clinic from where the doctor operates must be equipped with modern and effective equipment. The professionalism and competence of the doctor are evident from the conditions of the clinic.

Reviews and Ratings:

Before making the choice always look at the ratings and reviews that the patients have left for the physician. Finding the reviews is not difficult with the easy accessibility of social media and the internet. The reviews of other patients, their qualifications, licenses, and credentials everything is easily available on the internet. Also, if any of your friends or family members have taken treatment from the doctor, they can give a recommendation as well.

Preferences by Gender:

Let’s say you wish to be more at ease with your dermatologist. In such a scenario, you may select what is most suitable for you and your doctor based on your gender preferences, and you will be able to express your difficulties with your expert more comfortably.

Cost of Services:

The cost of getting the treatment Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Vitiligo can range from AED 399 to AED 5999. The patient must keep in mind that they are paying for high-quality services and should not be afraid to pay for a reasonably priced therapy. Throughout the therapy, qualified and experienced personnel will support you.

If therapy is pricey, it’s possible that you’re paying for the name and brand. A competent doctor will always make his services as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, and his fees must be competitive.

Quick Tip! Before deciding, consider the doctor’s experience, cost of services, and reviews.

Free Consultation:

The most telling indicator of a skilled doctor is that he would not demand money before beginning therapy. The first consultation with the doctor will be free of charge, and if the doctor does not believe the treatment is necessary, he will not do it.

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