Best Dermatologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for Acne Scars Price & Cost

People usually spend a lot of time searching for the best general practitioner but choosing the best dermatologist is as important. Without any immediate need like skin allergies as a child, dermatology is often considered later but it certainly shouldn’t be. From routine skin cancer screening to hormonal acne treatment, you need to choose the right option. Also, choosing the Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Acne Scars will also give you great results.

How to Choose your Doctor?

He must be competent like any good doctor, he must have extensive knowledge, not only in his field but in all medicine. A specialist dermatologist must be familiar with many modern diagnostic methods, because progress does not stand still, and the title of a specialist must be constantly maintained by learning and participating in the scientific life of the medical community.

Dubai’s Best Dermatologist:

Dr. Antoine Ghanem has over a decade of experience as a dermatologist. For best results, he is passionate about combining modern and effective therapeutic methods. He has a particular interest in teaching and research, which enable him to provide the best possible care for his patients.

He is the chosen Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Acne Scars specializing in the treatment of all skin conditions. He speaks three languages and has worked in Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. With important knowledge, he can correctly diagnose and treat the patient.


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Best Dermatologist in Dubai for Acne Scars   Best Dermatologist Dubai for Acne Scars   Best Clinic of Dermatologist in Dubai for Acne Scars


Criteria for Choosing the Best Dermatologist:

Focus on the following points to find a good doctor:

Determine Whether you have Dermatology, Medical, Surgical or Cosmetic Needs:

There are chances that the concern you have cannot be resolved by every doctor you come across because they are likely to have expertise in treating only a few problems. It must be tailored to your needs. You must determine what kind of treatment you are looking for and what you want to achieve through it. Treatments for acne scars include a complete plan of medical, surgical, and cosmetic procedures.

Determine If your Doctor Treats People of Color:

Your skin tone impacts your treatment significantly. If you have a darker skin tone, you must find someone who has experience in treating people with dark skin tones. Specialization by skin type and color is especially important when it comes to wound treatments such as microneedle and laser.

Verify the Credentials:

Usually, doctors list their certifications and credentials on their websites. You can also verify a physician’s board certification for their specific countries. The doctor’s degree, certificates, and training all must be verified before choosing the doctor.

Read Reviews:

At this point, you already know that this person is professionally qualified. Most doctor’s offices are searchable online and offer reviews by former customers on various websites. While credentialing is a good way to validate qualifications, you ultimately want a practitioner who makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Red Flags to Avoid:

Among the accusations against unreliable doctors, the following are most often mentioned:

  • An unwelcome office
  • Unfriendly and rude staff
  • Hidden fees
  • Non-specific treatments
  • Satisfactory results
  • Sales-oriented behavior
  • No consultation before treatment
  • No or very superficial examination

Cost of Services:

The cost of getting the treatment with the Best Dermatologist in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for Acne Scars can range from AED 499 to AED 6999. The patient must remember that he is paying for quality services and should not be afraid to pay for fairly priced treatments. During treatment, you will be supported by qualified and experienced staff.

If treatment is expensive, you may be paying for the name and brand. A competent doctor will always make his services as accessible as possible to as many people as possible, and his fees must be competitive.

Free Consultation:

The most persuasive sign of an experienced doctor is that he will not ask for money before starting treatment. The first consultation with a doctor will be free, and if the doctor does not deem treatment necessary, he will not.

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