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Each and every feminine gender aspires to be faultless and attractive, and they use both invasive and non-invasive techniques to achieve this goal. Women undergo surgical operations like liposuction, derma fillers, rhinoplasty, lip implants in Dubai, and many other invasive and non-invasive procedures to look their best. The majority of women get breast implant surgery to improve the appearance of their breasts in order to seem stunning. Breast implant surgery enables reconstructing, lowering, and modifying the breast appearances. Breast implants are also known as breast augmentation or Mammoplasty which involves transferring fat or placing the implant in a chest to develop smooth and firm boobs. We can provide you with Best Breast Implants Surgeon Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Do I Need Breast Surgery?

Yes, provided that you have at least one of the following factors:

  • Want for larger or sexier breasts
  • Unbalanced chest
  • A size change brought on by breastfeeding
  • The desire to be in top mood and physical shape
  • Absence of any health issues that can impede the healing process following surgery
  • Recognizing the danger and potential challenges
  • Reasonable hopes for the outcome
  • Recognizing that breast augmentation is a cosmetic procedure rather than an attempt towards perfection.

A Breast Implant Surgeon’s Goal Is:

The doctor emphasizes:

  • Increasing Breast Size
  • Boost Contour
  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Maintain your youthful appearance.

Who Performs Surgery on Breast Implants?

The breast/cosmetic surgeon performs mammoplasty, sometimes known as breast implants or augmentation. A breast surgeon is a specialist who concentrates on doing corrective surgery for diseases and issues affecting the breast. Breast surgeons treat a variety of breast conditions in both men and women, including breast cancer, by performing treatments such as breast biopsy, lumpectomy, resection, repair, and breast augmentation. Breast surgeons also deal with those who are at cancer risk and those who have non-cancerous issues like mammary tumors.

How Are Breast Implants Done by A Surgeon?

Two techniques are used to place breast implants:

  • Implanted Saline
  • Silastic Implant

Patients may undergo these operations based on their preferences (breast size and shape) or the health of their breasts. In order to allay any concerns, we guarantee that a female doctor will help in the process.

Surgeons at Enfield Royal Clinic:

There are no options once your worries involve breast implants. We can give anyone exceptional dense breast care because we are the most renowned and well-respected medical specialists in the area. We’re here to help, to impart our knowledge, and to provide top-notch care. Our Clinic’s experts guarantee quality control, proper intervention, and the best possible therapy. The article will go into great detail regarding our Best Breast Implants Surgeon Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Abdul Majeed Makkiya, M.D.

No matter their age or gender, Dr. Makkiya is a recognized plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and reconstructive procedures for both adults and teenagers. He was one of the best surgeons at the Enfield Royal Breast Surgery Clinic thanks to his 1000+ exceptional, complicated, and successful aesthetic surgery surgeries. He thinks that loving oneself is the key to living a good life. He is an expert in both surgical and non-surgical techniques, including energy-based devices, robotic cosmetic surgery, and artificial intelligence.

Need A Breast Lift as Well?

Patients who undergo breast augmentation with Dr. Makkiya also desire a younger-looking breast contour. Some of them would like to resemble how they seemed 10 or 20 years ago, with more slim breasts and high nipples. If you share this need, a breast lift with implants may be right for you. This procedure reshapes and enlarges the breast. For ladies whose breasts appear droopy and shapeless after pregnancy, due to aging or weight loss, or perhaps due to genetic causes, a breast lift with implants is a fantastic alternative.

He employs a customized breast lift technique that produces a superior shape, more durable results, and fewer postoperative scars. Obtain additional information regarding this kind of breast augmentation and lift.

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Our institution promises that our patients will receive sincere, considerate, and high-quality care. We are available to help you with your worries if you are concerned about your breast appearance and are unsure about who to select for this operation. Schedule a free consultation or an appointment with our top Best Breast Implants Surgeon Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.