Best Breast Implant Surgeon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Price & Cost

The choice of a surgeon is of great importance, the final outcomes of a breast augmentation operation depend on his experience, skill, and attentiveness. Any mistake or inaccuracy in the work of the surgeon can lead to serious complications and necessitate a second operation. Hence, you must choose the Best Breast Implant Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah.

Best Breast Implant Surgeon:

Dr. Matt Stefanelli is the Best Breast Implant Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. He is a recognized expert in the field of breast correction and restoration, a highly qualified specialist with vast experience. He is one of the few surgeons who is a member of the French College of Plastic Surgery and the European Council for Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery. He is currently working in Dubai at Enfield Royal Clinic but has experience working in Africa, South America, and Asia.

The specialization of Dr. Stafanelli is in cosmetic procedures for the whole body, but he has a specific interest in breast and buttock augmentation. He can use his expertise to perform augmentation, reduction, correction of asymmetry, and reconstruction after mastectomy.

In addition, the surgeon successfully performs such plastic surgeries as liposuction, buttock augmentation, tummy tuck, and facial plastic surgery. He takes on the most difficult cases and each time helps the patient to gain not only beautiful breasts but faith in her own attractiveness.

Enfield Royal – The Best Breast Augmentation Clinic:

The Enfield Royal Breast Clinic performs a variety of mammoplasties and breast augmentations to achieve the correct form and shape, or correct asymmetry on one or both sides. Augmentation of breasts is a comprehensive treatment that must be performed by an expert only.

In addition, our specialists carry out several operations aimed at maintaining or creating the beauty of the female breast lifting, shape correction, and reduction. Men are offered treatment for gynecomastia.

The treatment is also performed by other specialists at our clinic also recognized experts who occupy leading positions in various ratings of plastic surgeons. 

Extensive practice and continuous improvement of skills by our specialists, trainings from renowned institutes around the world, and the use of modern equipment allow us to confidently assert that any female breast can be made beautiful. The results of our patients, their excellent mood, and cheerful state of health prove this.

How Can You Achieve Beautiful Breasts?

During the initial consultation, they will help you choose the right implant, the right size, and desired shape, as well as show you what your new breast will look like. 

The surgeon will also discuss several issues with you the location of the incision, possible contraindications, necessary examinations, behavior during the rehabilitation period, and the cost of the operation, and implants.

If you have decided that you need the treatment, you firmly want to correct the shape and or size of your breasts, the date of the operation will be set immediately.


Our clinic will offer you excellent services provided by Best Breast Implant Surgeon in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. The meticulousness and proper training of our staff are known to all our former clients.

Want to get a new breast with the desired shape and size? We are waiting for you!

Today, every woman can become the owner of beautiful and fuller breasts. To do this, you need to book a free consultation with our experts. Trust me, you’ll love it!