Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

Breast reconstruction is a critical field of plastic surgery that allows women who have had breast cancer surgery to restore the contour of their mammary glands. This procedure assists a lady in overcoming psychological anguish, regaining her attractiveness, and completely resuming her life after an illness. Plastic surgeons at Enfield Royal Clinic use only current equipment to rebuild breasts and all Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah can be achieved.

When Should the Surgery be Considered?

In certain circumstances, the reconstruction is performed concurrently with the mastectomy. It all depends on the intricacy of the situation, in particular, when radiation therapy sessions are offered after the removal of the mammary glands, then the procedure to restore the breast is planned after the conclusion of the treatment. The tissues will repair as much as possible during this period, trophism will be restored, and lymph flow will improve.

Before undergoing a mastectomy, the patient should meet with a doctor to learn about the breast reconstruction alternatives available to her. The doctor will inform you of all the dangers, benefits, and drawbacks of each approach, as well as the many types of implants and their qualities.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction:

There are various Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in Dubai & Abu Dhabi:

  • Relapse risk is reduced.
  • Imbalance is removed, and the strain on the spine is balanced.
  • The breast’s look has been restored;
  • Breast reconstruction helps you to appear better while avoiding the need for a particular prosthesis.
  • The emotional condition improves;
  • The patient can resume a normal life;
  • A sense of completion returns.

Furthermore, bust restoration assists you to overcome psychological anguish and sadness caused by removal. Many women have complexes following a mastectomy that have a detrimental impact on their self-esteem and acceptance. The patient’s psychological state following breast removal is detrimental to her life, career, and family. There is a breach of bodily proportions that was formerly linked with femininity, resulting in the creation of profound sentiments, concerns, and phobias.

Types of Reconstruction Surgeries:

The most sophisticated reconstructive surgeries are carried out under the supervision of our experienced surgeon. The type of breast reconstruction surgery conducted is determined by the type of mastectomy performed, the physiological parameters of the patient’s body, and the subsequent treatment plan. Breast reconstruction is performed using the following techniques:

Flaps Breast Reconstruction:

In this situation, the patient’s tissue is utilized. The approach is highly severe and requires extensive recuperation. The doctor transfers complex tissue complexes from other parts of the body like the abdomen, back, buttocks, and inner thighs to the site of the removed bust on the supplying muscular pedicle or, in a free version, when the vessels supplying the flap are sutured to the vessels in the chest area using a microscope.


An implant is a temporary device that is put under the pectoral muscle on the chest. The gadget is utilized to widen the soft tissue pocket generated in order to put the implant later. Expanders come in a variety of forms and sizes. Typically, expanders have specific filling apertures. The device is filled in under a minute, and the amount of liquid inserted is restricted by the patient’s skin’s extensibility. For each expander filling stage, the usual volume is 50 ml saline. After the device has been filled, the patient is ready for the second step of reconstruction, which involves replacing the expander with an implant.

Combined Surgeries:

The patient’s tissues from the lower abdomen and an implant are employed in this scenario to alter the appropriate volume. Implants are inserted behind the musculoskeletal flap. This process allows you to restore everything in one step. The flap in this procedure is made up of skin, subcutaneous fat, and blood arteries, namely the deep lower epigastric artery and veins. The flap has no muscles.

The Takeaway

Since you understand the Benefits of Breast Reconstruction in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah the choice of clinic and surgeon is typically what confuses people when deciding on surgery. You must choose the best option for yourself, otherwise, the results will be confusing. It’s better to take your time before making a final decision than to haste and deal with problems later.