Beginner's Guide To Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi Cost

In this competitive world of fashion and glamour, maintaining a polished appearance consistently is a demanding and time-consuming effort. People striving to excel in their careers often face the challenge of staying impeccably groomed. Everyone seems to be noticing even the slightest details which may contribute to a downfall in our overall aesthetics. This competitive demand has led people living in the UAE to opt for Laser Hair Removal to gain freedom from their daily maintenance routine. If you are planning to get this modality, this comprehensive Beginner’s Guide To Laser Hair Removal in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is your helpful source of information.

Aim Of The Treatment:

An aesthetic approach that uses a controlled flash of electromagnetic waves of a specific frequency to eliminate unnecessary hair. The beam is directed to the roots and the pigment present there called melanin absorbs it to eradicate the strands. The heat destroys the cells responsible for development without harming the surrounding site. This innovation is suitable for people with light-colored complexion and darker strands so that there is a contrast between both. It is mostly proficient in the initial growth phase, but that doesn’t work for all types of filaments, so numerous sittings are required to completely cut off their growth.

How Does It Work?

Here is a Beginner’s Guide To Laser Hair Removal

  • Before the procedure, the initial stage involves an advisory session with a qualified practitioner. After your physical conditions, and complexion quality are determined an individual treatment plan is designed for you.
  • In the doctor’s office, the face is shaved first, a crucial step as the glare aims to target the roots. If there is dense growth, the radiant energy may not reach the shaft, rendering the efforts efficient.
  • The eyes are protected with specialized eyewear, which provides a shield against harmful rays.
  • To prevent burning, a cooling formula is applied to the areas under observation.
  • The device is set to specific parameters based on your skin and unwanted tress density.
  • A small feasibility test is conducted to observe how the body reacts to the delivered energy, and system adjustments are made accordingly.
  • Once the desired settings are gained, the doctor will commence the therapy and deliver laser light beams. The pigment absorbs it, converting it into thermal energy, to remove the laser hair removal.
  • In the end, some soothing gel is applied to reduce irritation and redness. You are checked in for the follow-up session and sent home with safety guidelines. 


Following are the details for the full spectrum of the perks in store for you,

  • This is a highly advanced technology that offers precise targeting capabilities. It selectively focuses on darker, thicker strands without damaging the neighborhood.
  • The accuracy power is reliable in that it can treat smaller areas and it is effective for upper lips and eyebrows.
  • The high beam pulses can target multiple hairs at a time within a unit of a second, and the whole process only takes about 20 minutes to complete. 
  • While the outcomes may vary for each person, it has resulted in a significant reduction in fiber growth for many people; and some experience permanent growth inhibition.
  • It offers a customizable plan for each person and is effective for areas like the bikini line, legs, underarms, and face, freeing you from the constant need for shaving and waxing.
  • Compared to conventional techniques like waxing, it offers no pain and a comfortable session. 
  • The targeted site is the base, so it results in no ingrown hair. As a result, you will not feel any irritation or itching at all.
  • Unlike shaving, which results in strawberry or bumpy skin. Laser offers a smooth texture, giving you a flawless appearance and freedom from the daily grooming routine. 
  • Lastly, the removal of unwanted fuzz boosts your self-esteem, and you are ready to attend any event with confidence.

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