Beard Hairs And Mustache Transplants Are Same Or Not in Dubai

Male pattern baldness is not the only sort of hair loss that men today have to worry about. Growing a full-grown beard or a proper mustache can be just as important as having a full head of hair. Thanks to advancements in the field of hair transplant, facial hair transplants now allow you to correct and improve your facial hair profile by improving hair density and removing bald patches caused by genetics, burns, or accidental injury. These techniques follow most of the same steps involved in hair transplant so the answer to the question “Whether Beard Hairs And Mustache Transplant  Are Same Or Not in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah the procedures are identical apart from a couple of key differences. Continue reading below for more detail on the subject.

Facial Hair Transplants – Are They All The Same?

Beard and Mustache transplants are carried out by removing hair follicles from one part of the body, preparing them for grafting, and then placing each individual hair at a perfect angle to match the surrounding area. Beard transplants, for obvious reasons, require a greater number of follicles transplanted as compared with mustache transplants. Apart from the changes in angle and the number of follicles transplanted, they are pretty much the same.

Ideal Candidate:

Men who have the following facial hair conditions are considered ideal candidates for Mustache or Beard hair transplants.

  • Scarring on the face due to injury or treatment procedure.
  • A lower density of hair
  • Genetic dysfunctions leading to a patchy beard or mustache.
  • A suitable donor area is available for the transplant.


Before the procedure, keep the following facts under consideration

  • Consult a qualified specialist to get his opinion so you can develop realistic expectations about the cost and result of the procedure.
  • Discuss your medical history, including allergies or medication you may be taking
  • Avoid blood thinning medication. Smoking and alcohol consumption can also induce blood thinning and increase recovery time.
  • Trim the area to be treated before going in for the transplant.

Similarities And Differences Between Mustache And Beard Transplants:


  • Both procedures start with the doctor marking the area of treatment and preparing the donor area (usually the back of the scalp).
  • The hair is trimmed in both areas so each individual follicle can be removed intact and then transplanted accurately. Locally administered anesthesia ensures that minimal pain is felt during the extraction and transplant.
  • Each follicle is removed by making a small microscopic incision using specialized tools. The follicle is then prepared for the transplant and is placed at an angle matching the angle of growth of the surrounding hair. The health of the donor area greatly affects the efficacy of the treatment which is why it is important to consult only a specialist since there is little room for error in the case of facial hair transplants


  • For a beard transplant, an average of about 3000 hair follicles is needed which may increase or decrease depending on each individual case. For a mustache, this can be as low as 400 follicles.
  • Beards and mustache hair differ in their angle of growth. If placed at an incorrect angle, ingrown hair can form causing complications later so make sure to choose the right doctor for your facial hair transplant who knows the differences between the two.

After the transplant, it may take 3-4 months for the new hair to fully grow and add to the natural hair volume.

You Can Improve The Results:

For Facial hair transplants, Some important post-procedure facts which have to be remembered in order to get the best results are as under.

  • After the procedure, make sure not to wash your face or wet your skin for at least a week.
  • Redness, scabbing, or swelling in the area is normal and will go away in the first 8-10 days.
  • Only use OTC ointments prescribed by your health care provider and avoid any foreign chemicals such as creams lotions or gels.
  • Shedding is normal. The transplanted hair WILL fall off after the first couple of weeks. This does not mean your transplant failed but is rather an indication that the new follicles have taken root and will start to produce new hair with a new growth cycle. Just be patient. 
  • In case of any unusual pain or discomfort, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

Beard Hairs And Mustache Transplant Are Same Or Not Clinic in Abu Dhabi Best Beard Hairs And Mustache Transplant Are Same Or Notin Dubai Beard Hairs And Mustache Transplant Are Same Or Not in Dubai


Beard and mustache hair transplants have the following benefits.

  • A properly aligned beard and mustache free from patchy bald spots.
  • Increased density of hair in the treated area.
  • Boosted confidence in your looks.

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